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Action Plan for Aerial Advertising

Jun 5, 2008
With the barrage of highly competitive ads on TV and in print, many are setting their sights on aerial advertisement. As an airplane flies over a crowd of people, attention is drawn to their message streaming in the wind and there is no competition in sight!

People have promoted products and places through TV and the printed page for decades. Some have asked themselves, "Why not try something different for a change?" A banner flapping in the wind behind a plane will be read. But will the message be remembered? The key is in the design of that message.

First, it is good to talk to a design team about your message. Share with them what you are trying to convey. What is the goal desired? How can this goal be achieved in a few words? As you meet with the designers, be prepared to change your ideas as you talk it through. They are the experts and often have suggestions based on their experience that will make it the most effective possible.

Step two is to convey your concept through a message. Some banners contain the entire message, perhaps even a whole sentence. Others only share a location where more information is available such as a website or an address. Sometimes just a logo, if well known, will subliminally draw people to a store or restaurant.

The next step is to determine when and where the message of the banner will best be displayed. A message to tune into a certain radio station would be effective when flown over rush hour traffic. Messages in this manner have been displayed at fair grounds, beaches, concerts, anywhere a large group is assembled out of doors.

Determine of you want to design the banner yourself or have an expert do it for you. Of course, you can save some cost by doing it yourself but don't let this be the only factor. The message must be attractive and easy to remember to be effective.

A company may be gun shy about paying out the money for an ad that is only visible for 17 seconds. First, consider that this is much longer than people normally look at printed ads and much less expensive than TV ads. Second, remember that the plane flies over an area numerous times so the message will become almost boring by the time the plane disappears for good. Third, remember that your ad has no competition! It's the only one in the sky at that moment so it gets 100% of the attention of the consumers.

Banner advertising has proven effective. Picture your message streaming over a crowd of watchers. Give it a try and see if your revenues do not increase as a result.

So where can one find an aerial advertising firm? The best place to look is on the Internet. Shop around and see who will give the most air time for the money. Some companies design and print the banner as well as fly it for you. Why not give it a try? It may be better than you imagine.
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It's advisable to make sure you hire an aerial advertising company that handles the job. Some simply outsource the work so they are not personally invested. Learn more about the benefits of promoting your message through banner towing on our website.
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