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Data Entry Services : Choose The Work You Enjoy

Jun 5, 2008
When you are providing data entry services at home, it's not limited to just one type of data entry. You can pick and choose both the type of job that you do and the skill and experience level that you can manage.

Secretarial and clerical services

Even though secretarial and clerical services are not the same as they were in past years, thanks to the advent of emails, video conferencing and chat rooms, some companies still use data entry services to complete work previously done by a clerk or secretary. This work includes typing and printing letters, completing reports and meeting notes, and preparing official memorandum items to be part of policy and procedures manuals or training manuals. The information from the company can be faxed, or added to an email or sent via a messenger service. The worker prepares the document in finished form and returns it to the company.

Transcription services

Often data entry services done by home based workers include transcription. Transcription services consists of listening to an audio or sometimes video recording of a person or persons speaking and typing out the words that are being spoken. For a person who types rapidly, this can be a very rewarding type of work. Generally, speakers, and a computer are the only requirement although some more sophisticated equipment allows you to start and stop the audio file with a foot pedal. Transcription services allow a speaker to have a written record of their speeches. These can be reissued as training materials or e-books in some instances.

Legal and medical services

Data entry services available in the legal and medical services field are perhaps the best known of the specialized data entry projects. This type of work requires a little high level of experience and training, mainly because of the unique terms which arise in each of the two subject areas, but particularly in the medical services field. A medical transcriptionist will listen to dictated case and diagnosis notes and will put them into document form so that the medical history for the patient is complete. A legal transcriptionist may transfer depositions and other legal meetings into written form.

Database maintenance services

Companies maintain large and complex databases for many reasons. For example, a name and address file including email addresses may be collected and maintained from a web site visitor list. Usually an email address is collected when a visitor to a web site signs up for free reports, newsletters, or other return contact information. Maintaining the database information is part of the database maintenance services provided by home data entry services workers. Accuracy in collecting or revising the information is vitally important.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Another of the popular data entry services that can be done from a home office is entries for accounting or bookkeeping transactions. Many companies collect such information through handwritten records or non transferable records of some type, but others use full computerization to capture and massage the information. For the former businesses, data entry transactions such as payroll hours, accounting entries or expense vouchers are items that work very well for the transactions to be entered one by one into an accounting software package. Once entered, the software usually manipulates the information into the correct reports.
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