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For Whom the Call Bells Toll

Jun 5, 2008
No one likes to work if they don't have to -- admit it, you don't either, no matter how dedicated you are to your store or restaurant. So, if you want to make sure you're making the most of your time while still making the customers happy, you might want to invest in time saving pieces of equipment. Call bells, door chimes, and timers are a great way to ensure that everyone gets what they want, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Call Bells for Everyone

While the idea of hearing a chime for you is going to cause you to sigh anyways, having a call bell on the front counter of your restaurant will help you still attend to back of the house details, but also to be there for the customer in an instant. Simply place the bell out whenever you are going to step away from the front part of the restaurant and then move it out of sight when you're readily available. You might also want to keep the bell up front as a way to signal other employees about orders. Two rings for a food order, one ring for a drink order, etc. This way, you're not shouting at the employees you need (even if you want to).

Door Chimes Herald Business

As you are sweeping up another pile of crumbs from a table, you might step away from the front portion of your store or restaurant. Instead of making the customer wait until you see they've arrived, you can add a few chimes to your front door to alert you that someone came in. Sure, it's going to get confusing when people leave that way too, but you will at least be alerted to the possibility of work to be done. You can install simple wind chimes or you can find an electronic system.

Timers Let You Know When It's Done

Timers that are placed around your heated food will help you remember when to check the temperatures of the foods and when to replace them. Since there are certain food-borne germs in food that sits around for over two hours, you can set the timer to remind you when it's time to put out something fresh. Just set the timer when the food goes out, labeling the timer to remind you what it means.

From call bells to door chimes and timers, your store can be efficient and safe. And you can do as little work as possible.
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Able Kitchen (http://www.ablekitchen.com/Call-Bells-s/1655.htm) sells call bells and other business equipment for restaurants. They stock products that have reputable names in the culinary industry with several thousands of restaurant supplies to choose from. Art Gib is a freelance writer.
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