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5 Heartstrings that will Pull Buyers Into Your Business

Jun 5, 2008
It's the key emotional forces in our lives that compel us to do what we do. Pull buyers into your home based business by understanding their top motivations.

1. People don't necessarily want a business. They are looking for a solution, and that often entails them to consider having their own business.

The solution they are looking for is to make more money. There are a million reasons why. (Fill in your reason here.) Money is the bottom of the bottom line. Knowing this, don't go on and on about your business opportunity without considering your prospects needs right up front.

If your business has the added feature of a residual income stream that can supply a passive income for years to come, all the better. Money doesn't come without the work and activity placed into it, so the rewards of a residual income excites many people. Let your new prospects know this somewhere in your copy.

2. People, in general, have packed a goal or two away, and it's not coming back out unless they have more time. Time is our greatest commodity. It means freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want to, and with whoever you want, for as long as you want.

Is your online business opportunity automated? If it will save your prospect time, like keeping them from having to do phone sales, then let them know this. Automation and the power of the computer along with the Internet is why so many are looking online in the first place.

3. Do a search and you'll find that the word depression is entered into search engines in large numbers month after month. People want to feel good about themselves. So much of that takes place in the mind. It could mean they want to look better, lose weight, etc. but more often than not it's a mind thing.

People want to adopt a new mindset, one of wealth, prosperity and abundance. Who are you to stop them, right?

Consider your service or products to feature these things and you'll have a winner of a business.

4. There are smart successful people who have built businesses or are building families and an online business challenges their smarts, creativity and drive. People do want to learn new things, they thrive on it and the way it makes them feel more intelligent.

We have a large population that fits this model. The retired, whether they did that at 45 or 65, and women who have chosen to be a mom from home, have the ambition, and the ability.

Working from home, stress free can add years to a life, keep the mind active and make people feel healthier and happier.

5. People want to give. They want to give love; they want to make a difference. You'll find this trait in the elderly all the way down to the X and Y generations who are so ingrained with this kind of thinking that to not consider actively making a difference as soon as possible in their lives is sadly looked on by their friends.

Giving fulfills an instinct that has become a real need. It is one of the great uplifts of our times. Embrace this edict in your own business by giving as well. Show others that your product or service will help them to make a change and allow them to help others by paying it forward.
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Steve Tash has 15 years in Relationship marketing, owning businesses online, and in the Entertainment and Fashion industries. Discover his best system to creating automated wealth online at: http://www.Job-Kill.com
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