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International Auto Transport To Great Britain

Jun 5, 2008
If you are moving to the United Kingdom, regardless of the reason, few things can bring along a slice of home like your car, and international auto shipping companies are waiting to help you with your big move.

Usually, you can have your vehicle picked up from your home, which will be then taken to a warehouse to be collected with other cars for loading onto a roll on, roll off vessel used for international auto shipping.

Be sure to be prepared for the customs regulations of Great Britain before shipping your car. Form C104 is necessary for imported cars in the United Kingdom. Make sure the shipping company has the original title and inspection papers for the auto, as these are essential for the vehicle to be accepted into Great Britain.

There are additional forms needed for registering your automobile in the country and the necessary forms (along with explanatory pamphlets) will be provided to you, if needed. Insurance in Great Britain works a bit differently than most places, with two types of insurance: third party and comprehensive. A good international auto shipping company should take care of this paperwork on your behalf, saving you from the time, effort and potential confusion of doing it yourself.

Import duties can be quite varied, depending on the country of origin, country of manufacture, year, make and model of the vehicle. Generally, normal cars and used commercial vehicles will be assessed with approximate 10% tax on the value, insurance and shipping price of the car. There is also usually a 17.5% VAT (value added tax) on all vehicles, both commercial and passenger.

Cars from a certain country of manufacture, year or with a certain history may be eligible for tax and duty exemption. If you are taking up extended residence in Great Britain, you will usually be eligible for this fee exemption.

Vehicles up to ten years old are checked to ensure that they meet Britain's required standards. As examples, the car must have rear fog lights, a speedometer that displays speed in kilometers, a break fluid level indicator among the dashboard instruments, and lights colored to Great Britain standards. This is called the Single Vehicle Test.

Garages in your home country should be able to make any necessary modifications to meet these standards and your international auto shipping company should be able to recommend a mechanic for the work. Customs will also often allow vehicles to be taken to an appropriate shop before registration to allow the car to be modified for UK standards.

When preparing your car for international auto shipping, it is equally important to make sure that the automobile is in good working condition, has all personal items removed and is clean with no fluid leaks.

Also make sure that your mover has copies of all keys to the vehicle and that the gas tank is less than half full. With a little bit of preparation, moving your vehicle to Great Britain can happen smoothly and you will be enjoying drives on British roads in no time at all!
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