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Make Your Job Search Productive

Jun 5, 2008
We all dream of a job doing something that we love in an exotic locality for a salary that would make a footballer jealous but sadly this is the real world and in the UK the most exotic you can get is sunny Skegness. But nevertheless there are a number of exciting jobs in the UK salaries in the UK are amongst the highest in the UK. Finding a job that suits your interests and skills can be quite daunting.

Especially because finding a job can be a complex process. There are numerous places in which jobs are posted by potential employers and as a result a person seeking a job needs to be savvy and research in a number of different places to make sure that they find the jobs that best suit their skills. Sadly there are no central bodies that deal with all jobs that are posted on the net and as a result there it can be a complex task.

The job centre is the closest it comes to an impartial body that let people advertise for free and people that are looking for jobs to find them for free. But most people will want to look at as many job search websites as they can find on the internet, newspaper adverts and utilise the range of recruitment agencies.

Using the internet

The internet is a resource for thousands of jobs in your area. The important thing to remember when conducting a job search online is that you try a number of different websites. Regardless of what you are looking for there are a vast range of websites that could help you. Often these sites each post different jobs so do not assume that the sit you are using is comprehensive. It is true that there is often a great deal of conflict between sites that post the same jobs but the way in which the recruitment industry works is that they are unlikely to share jobs with rival agencies.

For that reason it is a very good idea to search through a number of sites so that you get a better picture of all of the jobs that are out there. The internet is a great resource because you can often find a job and apply instantly by clicking a button. This means that you can apply to a large number of jobs without it taking weeks and weeks. The best way of going about this is adding your CV to the system that the website offers and it will allow you to submit it with a few simple clicks.


The local newspaper is invariably a good place to find a job. It is possible to apply directly to the jobs that are posted in the paper. This is because unlike some of the websites they do not have an affiliation with an agency so whereas on the web your application will often go via a recruiter the newspaper will let you send your CV straight to the potential employer. The newspaper adverts are also good for the job hunter as they are usually very specific to the region in which you live. This means that you can find the jobs that are in your town.
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Shaun Parker has been involved in the Jobs industry for many years and is fully aware of the pitfalls you may face when you conduct a job search. He tells all.
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