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Jun 5, 2008
Direct marketing is one form of advertising that gets your message gets to a targeted audience on message and above all on budget.

This is an attractive form of marketing because it is possible to measure response rates quickly and correctly, the results can be seen and are quantifiable. For example if a business sends out three million items about a specific product and then subsequently sell fifty thousand of that product, then those sales can be attributed directly to that direct mail campaign.

Ensuring that the message gets to a targeted audience is vital to the success of any campaign
Targeting your audience can be done through the traditional methods of socio economic groupings, age rage, sex, and lifestyle preferences, many of the more modern methods use the data capture route, where information is gained directly from the target audience, often using store cards.

Another important thing to remember is to tailor your message directly to the recipient. If you are selling stair lifts then it needs to be tailored to a more elderly market, softer colours and non aggressive theming is important, whilst if you are promoting a nightclub then obviously bright vibrant colours and something funky aimed at the younger clientele will suffice. Remember that you are looking not only to increase sales but increase brand awareness, so items that can be put on a notice board or a fridge magnet for example will help draw the eye constantly to your message.

The scope to be creative with your message is endless; you need to get the general public talking as this creates a ripple effect. Think not only about visual stimuli, but try to encompass all five senses, a product sample or perfumed strip or money off voucher all encourage the public to try your brand and then hopefully remain loyal to it.

Frequency of campaigns is also vital, building a brand and loyal customer base relies on constant marketing repeat cycles of advertising are vital to the success, working a rolling programme helps to ensure that your target market is hit a least once every three months. The statistics would point to the fact that every pound spent on direct mail releases fourteen pounds on direct sales of that product, so it would seem that this method is very effective in producing direct sales.

To summarise Direct Marketing will:

Find new customers, direct mail gives you the chance to target potential customers when they are most ready to respond and perhaps purchase. Build relationships with new customers, you are able to get your product straight to potential customers with the introduction of product sample or money off vouchers.

Keep new customers, by being able to maintain brand awareness and recognition and keeping your customers involved as your business grows and evolves. Your customers will stay loyal to brand if you are able to inform them directly about new initiatives, sales drives, promotions and events.

In today's market place, a direct mail campaign can be a cost effective, time efficient, targeted method of ensuring quantifiable results. When used as part of a carefully planned and executed marketing campaign, the outcome can be phenomenal. Be creative and drive your business forward to find your potential customers.
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Shaun Parker knows a lot about direct mail. He shares his knowledge to help people make the most of leaflet delivery and door to door marketing campaigns.
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