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My Boss Ask Me To Move From USA To Romania

Jun 5, 2008
You want me to move where? I yelled at my boss.
Ro-man-i-a, he repeated, like I had to read his lips or something.
See, here's the thing. I've always lived in the USA. My whole life is here. I am an American, through and through. I've never visited another country let alone ever thought about moving to one.

I hope you mean Romania, USA, I said. Yeah, that must be it. There's some city named Romania in the States. I was just about to heave a sigh of relief when I noticed him smile and shake his head.

Romania-across-the-ocean-Romania, he said. We're opening a branch there and the board wants you to head it up. He smiled like a Cheshire cat and smacked me on the back.

Oh my God! Where the heck is Romania anyway? I rushed to my computer and Googled a map of Romania. I found the small country bordered by Bulgaria on the south, Serbia and Hungary on the west the Ukraine on the north and the Black Sea on the east.

While you're at it, Google international moving company, my boss said. You'll need one to move you. I've heard they're very helpful.

HELPFUL, HELPFUL? I wanted to shout. I needed more than help to pull this off! How about a scientist that could clone me...one 'me' to go to Romania and be the big-shot boss, and one 'me' to stay here with my little black book, my cool condo and sports car! Could I even move my car over there?

So many questions, so little time! He wanted me there in a month. I found a list of international moving companies and chose the one with the best rating on the Better Business Bureau. The international moving company agent assured me they could move my car over there, so that made me feel a bit better. She even put me in touch with a Real Estate Agent. I had my secretary sort all that out. She knows my taste.

Having set the wheels in motion and arriving at a date in two short weeks when the international moving company would simply come and pack up my life into an overseas container, I set about trying to find out as much as I could about Romania.

Okay, Romania capital - Bucharest. Languages: Romanian, Hungarian, and German. None of which would help me much. I had taken in high school, German lessons. I think that's about it. Hopefully, I'd have interpreters!
Let's see the currency; Leu.

Black Sea resorts, hiking and skiing in the Carpathian Mountains, this was starting to look much more promising. Oh, and the Transylvania region of Count Dracula legend. This was definitely shaping up!

I think I am beginning to see this might not be so bad. At least I know who to call my international moving company, if I can't stand it and want to move back. Piece of cake! Romania, are you ready for m
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