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Why Use A Professional Writer?

Jun 5, 2008
It's not unusual to have the words in your head but quite often the hardest part is getting them down on paper. Even if you get an approximate draft after several attempts, something quite often doesn't sit properly. You know that just the right grammatical nip and tuck will bring everything into focus, but you might not know exactly how do to that.

And why should you? Not many people fix their own cars or know how to fill a cavity in their teeth. For those things, they know they can rest assured that job will get done only if they go to the right professional, and why should your content or the articles you submit that drives traffic to your website be any different?

The obvious answer is that it shouldn't. That's why you need to hire a professional writer to do the job for you. And the entire situation is better if the one you choose is a published author with a journalism background and years of editing and writing novels under his belt. It's the one/two combination that can make your content sing and fill your pocket with the money from sales. You get both those advantages with a professional writer who has more than one arrow in his quiver.

One that knows his way around fiction makes the package even more complete. Versatility and flexibility are both the keys that spell success, and having honed all areas of the craft means that this professional will be the one that can edit all sorts of your business and artistic needs as well. It's always good to look for a wordsmith that can wear several different hats so you don't need to shop for several writers to fill your needs.

Look for crisp, clear and accurate prose. Not one wasted word means not one wasted dollar. Look for that same person to be able to trim all the unnecessary dirt from the manuscript's wording until the true meaning shines through like the glow from a bulb.
Don't settle for second best. We all know Content is King.

Still, you need to keep in mind that that content needs to be professionally crafted and that the best prose is made up of the words and phrases that convey an easy to read tone and flowing style. If you don't try to bog the readers down by planting all the information about your product or service in at once, you stand a better chance of keeping them interested and making the sale.

The best SEO techniques will get you a better page ranking and the readers to your site, but once there it's the quality of the writing that will keep them.
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Robert Starr is a professional writer/editor with several published books and a degree in journalism. He's brought 20 years of experience in the craft to his own on line writing/editing service. You can reach him at
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