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Referral Marketing - How To Generate Massive Traffic

Jun 5, 2008
Referral marketing originated when the Internet first entered the commercial marketplace. By creating a network of similar sites that defer traffic and potential customers upon one another, revenue and customer interest rose for participating sites.

Since then, the process of referral marketing has become a mainstay of web site design. Revenue generated through referral efforts has risen to become a multi-million dollar industry that has penetrated every nation in the world.

To institute a referral marketing campaign on your site, you must first institute a program for providing the materials other designers require in order to initiate a referral exchange. Typically, this constitutes HTML code to insert into a site that creates either a link or banner image that is optionally hosted on your server.

If you choose to provide a banner image, you must consider the pixel size and content of the images to allow for widespread adoption of your referral process.

If you can afford to invest in incentives to provide to potential participants in your referral network, proceed to do so through automated software hosted through the web.

You can choose to reward your referrers through the number of click-throughs they generate or by the number of sales generated through visitors who registered as a result of using your link.

The more attractive the incentive you provide, the more likely it is your fellow web masters will adopt your referral campaign.

You can also benefit from mutual referral exchanges. Providing a site banner for a companion site that sells similar products or services is beneficial so long as they act in kind.

Once mutual referrals begin to flow, you might consider pursuing other opportunities for combination sales and marketing arrangements.

Referral marketing can help to increase web site traffic and sales without causing a major impact on your bottom line. Through the use of a few well placed web site links and banners, customers can spread brand awareness and become incentivized to purchase your products and services.

Actively recruiting other web masters to participate in your referral program is often a painless exercise in good, mutual business relationship building.

Understanding the process of referral marketing is half the battle. Organizing your time and actually spending time on this aspect of internet marketing can really make a huge difference to your website traffic and the sales that follow. Referral marketing is a simple process that spreads the word about your site.
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Allen Jesson is a word of mouth marketing expert and has developed a new tell a friend application that dramatically increases the viral marketing appeal of any web-site. Allen is also an expert in internet marketing
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