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How Do You Make Money With Video

Jun 5, 2008
Many people are asking about how to make money from videos from video hosting sites So lets look at a few of the more available or popular hosting sites.

There are two main ways you can make money with videos on a site called Megavideo and both of them require you to sign up for a premium membership that costs around US$10/mth (at the time of writing) or lesser for a long term plan. Upon signing up, you are eligible to earn money through their rewards program and Abrite in-video advertisements.
To ignore the online video wave is like putting your head in the sand when Google's stock came out at $90. If you do, you might end up viewing consumers as thieves.

Earning money with the host Flixya. The way they work is by sharing adsense revenue with you 50/50. All you do is submit videos from Youtube, Video Google and other video sites and provide them with your adsense publisher id. Then will display adsense ads on the pages that show your videos and split the ad impressions 50/50. It works really well.

Another great site for making money with videos is Revver. Revver takes user submitted videos and places a small ad at the end. You get paid whenever someone clicks the ad on a video you've submitted or on someone else's video you are sharing. The great thing about Revver is that they provide you with a lot of tools to share your videos. You can embed them on your site or blog, link them to multiple bookmark sites or use a widget.

There are many ways to make money from your videos, and using only MetaCafe is only one of them. For example, you can embed your video with Revver (which will add an ad to it), and then post it on another video sharing site that will share its revenues with you. That way, you get two times more revenues from the same video

There are more Host sites that pay for videos if there is a large number of views. You just need to log onto these sites and check out their bonus plan. Some sites that i have viewed have individuals earning hundreds of dollars weekly. And for the most these individuals are just having fun.

Some people carry a camera every where they go. Just in case a unique event takes place in front of them. It may be humorous or serious it does not mater as the public love and want to see varied events that are spontanious and unrehersed. Many of these videos earn the video recorder large sums of cash at times.

The above are just a few of the ways to earn that extra cash that you might be after. So do some research and find the best ways for yourself as there are many with varied compensation structures.
If you enjoy making videos get them seen and earn money as well!
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