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Effective Strategies For Creating Great Articles

Jun 5, 2008
If you are like most article marketers, you are always looking for a new article directory to place your content in. Upon talking to some of the most successful authors, I have generated a list of essential and effective strategies for creating great articles that can really boost your success. Listed below are the details of these strategies:

1. Many authors on agree that one of the best 'sellers' when it comes to successful articles is the ever-popular 'how to' genre. These articles are highly informative, detailed, and quick to get to the point. Generally, they are written in an easy to read, step by step matter. Everyone is an expert at something! You can compose 'how to' articles on anything from 'how to treat acne at home' to 'how to create an outdoor Zen Garden'! The choices are virtually limitless when it comes to this type of approach in article writing.

2. Many individuals elect to compose articles that are comprised of numbered, lettered, or bulleted lists. When writing, you will find that these types of articles bring in a lot of page views! The standard list genre focuses on simplicity and getting to the point quickly. Readers will stay focused on this type of article and completely read through it as most of the lists are composed of sections that are relevant to one another.

3. If you want to analyze your niche from a professional stand point, you can write an article that is in the form of an interview. Naturally, the interview genre is based on an actual interview, but you can also make it in a generic, no names given, only titles, manner. Individuals who are interested in the subject matter that you are exploring will be very likely to stay in tune with this type of article in order to learn more!

4. Product review type articles are also quite popular when it comes to writing. When conducting the composition on a product review type article, it is always important to ensure that you take at least two articles and compare the advantages and disadvantages of both. A review is not nearly as effective as it could be if two objects are not compared.

5. Last, but certainly not least, the articles that are written from a personal account, story, or point of view is quite popular as long as they contain the proper amount of keywords. For example, if you have experience in Google Adsense, you could write about this. If you have experience repairing your credit, this can make for a great article! Just about any and all experiences make really informative articles!

If you want to write effective and successful articles, following the advice of other writers who have been successful there can be a great first step! By taking their experience and using the techniques that are proven to work, you can easily become a successful author!
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