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How To Gain Confidence As An Article Writer

Jun 5, 2008
Article directories receive a number of highly informative, search engine optimized articles from highly talented authors on a daily basis. If you are like me, you probably became very excited at the prospect of writing articles for this website when you ran across it. However, it is often very scary to take that first step of submitting your written content. Do not fret! We all go through this stage. The most important thing that you need to know and understand is that it is not the quality of your articles standing in the way; it is your confidence as a writer. Here, I will share a few tips on how to gain confidence as an article writer for Extreme Articles.

1. The first method to establishing confidence as an articles writer is to write, and write a lot! Write about everything! Write out recipes, how to do simple home maintenance, or even how to change out toilet paper! It does not matter what you write, as much as how much you write and your comfort level with the task at hand. It is important that you have some practice writing and some publication writing. Eventually, after writing for a while, you will become confident in your ability to compose interesting articles that you want others to see.

2. The next thing that you should do in order to become confident in your ability to compose articles for article directories online is to learn as much as you can concerning the use and placement of keywords. Keywords are probably the most intimidating aspect of writing articles for the internet. You should not use too many, or too little. If you study this topic thoroughly, you will find that you are more confident when it comes to composing articles with keywords in them.

3. The next thing that you can do to increase your confidence as a writer is to take the time to study hot topics. What are people searching for? Type in 'search trends', or 'top searches', and you will stumble across the topics that people have searched for. If you know what people are reading, you may find that you know a topic well enough to know how to write an effective article that you can place on Extreme Articles.

4. Writing what you know is the best step for overcoming anxiety that is directly related to composing articles for the internet. If you start by writing on only topics that you know, you will eventually be able to branch off and focus on areas that you are not quite so comfortable with. This will flex your writing abilities and strengthen them. As you strengthen as a writer, your confidence is sure to grow.

5. Last, but not least, explore the pages of other authors. You may just find that by looking at what others write and exploring their writing model may prove to be beneficial to your own article writing campaign.

If you want to write articles, but are not yet confident, following these steps can help. This is especially true if you want to write articles. It is not difficult to write a great article, the hardest part is overcoming the negative self-talk that many online authors experience.
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