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The Best Surveys to Take Online

Jun 5, 2008
Filling online surveys is one of the many ways you can make money through the internet. There are numerous market research companies offering online surveys to be filled over the internet for their many customer companies.

Different companies usually have online surveys created to find out what type of services or products the present day consumers prefer, and if any changes have to be made to their existing range of products or services.

Choose online surveys you have some knowledge about

As different companies require certain knowledge about different products and services before filling out their online surveys, you have to first determine if you are fit or adaptable enough to fill out the online survey.

To do this, you will have to first select a few or most probable paying companies offering online surveys. On registering for the companies, you will be sent forms which you have to fill out, with your details.

It is important that you provide true details in the form as it is depending on the details that you provide that the company decides which economic and social category you actually fit in.

Register in as many companies as possible

On finding out which economic group you belong to, the company will be able to decide on the best survey for you to answer to. So on receiving all your details, the company slowly starts sending you questionnaires to be filled out.

Some of the companies may send over surveys within a day of your providing your personal information while some companies will take a month to send you anything. This is why it is better to register in as many companies as possible so that you will be offered the best online surveys to fill out.

When you answer the online surveys, remember that you will be answering them according to your individual product consumption. So the more the company thinks that you use some products and services; the better the online surveys turn out to be.

You need less than 10 minutes to fill out a survey

Usually, an online survey takes less than 10 minutes to fill up as the questions are usually simple to answer. You may be asked how many times you visit the department store in a week, what you usually buy there, the sizes and types of products you usually use and how much you usually spend on each shopping spree.

There are different types of online surveys; you can try answering the longer ones which usually pay higher. Simple and easy online surveys cost between $5 to $75 per survey, while participation in online focus groups charge $50 to $150 per hour.

Focus groups are great options for exchange of ideas

There are some companies that require that you try out new products they produce, where you get to keep the products instead of being paid by the company. Sometimes, you will be given the job of previewing movie trailers online where you will be paid from $12 to $35 for it.

You could also consider joining focus groups where you sit with other members in a group to discuss different subject matters in the presence of a mediator who is responsible for controlling the flow of the discussion.

This is great money making paid survey option where you get to meet new people and in the process, exchange ideas. You could also join the online panel group surveys wherein you talk to the research consultants and provide them with valuable information to improve the products they offer.

So it can be said that the best surveys to take online are those you are comfortable with, and those you enjoy taking part in the most. With the answering of surveys, you will be able to increase your monthly income to a sizeable amount.
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