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Network Marketing For Those Who Are Not Sharks

Jun 5, 2008
What about those people who are not sharks? Carrying on from my previous ideas about network marketing maybe being for sharks only, what about the rest?

What are the other types?

There are the dolphins, the whales and the urchins. We will go through each one, their basic actions, styles and methods of communicating.

Dolphins are the social sort. They like to swim in pods. These are the people who love being with others. They tend to move and talk fast, are emotional and love this connection, and are motivated by fun and recognition. They love stories to absorb information.

Whales are out to save the world. They generally talk and take things in more slowly. They still love more emotional connections. They crave support and value teamwork. They will respond to ideas that will improve people's lots.

The Urchins (sound a grubby lot - but have fitted my motivations in the past) love facts (not keen on the emotional load) and again process things more slowly. They value respect and making the right decision. Therefore they will grind slowly through the details to approve their decisions. The way people dress (must be smart) will impress them. Or maybe, more importantly, if the dress does not match up they will not hear the words.

Understanding Other Styles
These types are useful to understand in talking with people. Generally everyone will fit into one of these information processing types. At times they might be a blend of a couple. And some people seem to change over time as their life circumstances change.

If you listen to people you can hear their underlying motivations. Sharks and dolphins will talk fast, but one is gushy while the other is to the point - cut the crap.

The whales and urchins will both talk more slowly, but the urchins will require a lot of detail. Someone asking a lot of questions may not be giving you a hard time. They may just be an urchin.

Communicating With Other Profiles
If you respond to people along their communication lines, you will "get under their skin" and get through to them so much faster and more effectively.

In a group presentation, covering the processing styles of all the types is more likely to reach everyone in the room. You can talk about having fun, making a lot of money, which will enable those with the desire to help a lot of people, and also explain the integrity of the mlm opportunity (or even just be dressed smartly).

What about from the other perspective?

Sharing In Your Style
Now you know you are one of these profiles, how would you most comfortably share your network marketing opportunity?

Well, at base you must be satisfied your mlm opportunity sits well with your personality type. Dolphins must be sure they will be having fun and involved in group activities, whales that it will be better for the planet and the people on it, and urchins that it has integrity and makes sense.

Then you can use the style that suits you to speak to people.

So dolphins will be much more interested in group settings and telling stories about their network marketing opportunity.

Whales will like to be in earnest discussions about the value they can deliver.

And urchins will be better in smaller settings, maybe one-on-one so they can detail the home based business opportunity to the person they are sharing with.

All of us need to remember, though, that we need to communicate to other processing styles.

But chances are that we will draw around us, as friends, those with a similar processing style. We click, that is why we hang out together. So generally sharing with your friends in the style that suits you will most likely resonate with them.

So just go out there and be yourself instead of spouting off the lines you have been given from your up-line - especially if their style is different from yours!

Be effective and enjoy it!
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