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Is Network Marketing Success Only For Sharks?

Jun 5, 2008
Who in your network marketing mlm business is having the most success? Is it the milder-mannered types? Or is it those with a "go get it" attitude who push through every obstacle and are out to get everyone they can?

I don't know about your experience but certainly mine has been that the top earners are those more aggressive, on-to-it people who seem to be able to latch on to the right people and keep charging ahead.

They have a very focussed attitude and methodology.

And I have heard it said that these are the sort of people we need to be seeking for our downline. If we want to build our organisation fast these are the best ones to have. And as many of them as we can find.

What is a shark?

Well it is one of the four main personality types. Some people classify them by colors, others by other animal names and Myers- Briggs have their own description.

So you have sharks, dolphins, whales and urchins. Or orange, green, gold and blue. Or lions, otters, golden retrievers and beavers.

But basically each personality type has its own way of processing information, enjoying life and basic needs.

A shark tends to act fast, loves facts and requires power and control. A dolphin also likes to work fast but enjoys more emotional connections and responds to fun and recognition. A whale processes things more slowly, again enjoys the more emotional connections and finds fulfillment in support and teamwork. While the urchin also processes slowly, but likes lots of hard detailed facts and thrives on respect and the feeling of having made a correct decision.

There is a fairly even mixture of personality types in the world. And the world is richer for it.

In jobs people of certain personality types respond or enjoy particular occupations. Part of human resources analysis is based on this.

Clearly the different personalities are going to function differently in different situations. And this is one of the reasons it would seem that sharks are so good for network marketing. Generally in mlm the faster you build the better you whole team is. So someone who can process things quickly, can make snap judgments with minimal information is going to move faster than someone who processes things more slowly or who needs more facts to make a decision.

Also someone who loves power and control also will tend to rise to the top in an organization and shine there.

Hence the apparent success with sharks.

Knowing the variety of processing styles, most great presenters will cover the full range of personality profiles, appealing to success in sharks, fun and enjoyment for dolphins, teams and meeting many people's needs for the whales, and detailed facts for the urchins.

Hence they will attract all types into their organization. So there is a need for the there to be a place that sits well for other personalities besides sharks. With sharks rising so quickly their style tends to be one that is modeled.

But, with the range of personalities out there, it is important we allow for different styles. Not just in our presentations. But also in the duplicable methods we encourage people to use.

If we expect the other personality types to use the same methods as the sharks we have to expect them to feel uncomfortable doing so. And then the presentations and piquing come across as strained or insincere. And we wonder why recruiting is so hard. 90% of our communication is non-verbal. Feeling awkward about the way we are doing things comes across.

We need to find the way that suits our personality. Then our communication with be congruent in both verbal and non-verbal areas. And people will connect with us. Then the other personalities besides sharks will have success too.
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