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What Makes Pay Per Click Work?

Jun 5, 2008
People that have websites needing traffic normally find that pay per click can be the most cost effective technique they employ to get that extra traffic. Advertising on the Internet is still a developing art but so far this method has come out on top of the others that are used. If you are curious about pay per click search marketing and what it can do for you, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Essentially, when you decide that you want to try this kind of advertising, you will create a small ad referring to your site that will be put up on a larger site that many people frequently look at. If someone likes your ad text they will click on your link and be redirected to your site and provide they stay for more than ten seconds, you will pay the hosting site some money as thanks. The sites that provide you with hosting when it comes to this sort of advertisement are usually big with a large amount of traffic and will have some relationship to the product or services that you are trying to put across. One of the most obvious advantages to pay per click is that you will only pay when people come to your site, that is, when the ad is used.

Unlike regular advertising which you pay for whether someone takes any notice or not, this way you pay for what gets used. While you may be worried that your competitors might click your ads to drive up your revenues, this is simply not worth their time and does not happen very often. The advantage of this pay per click system is just how directed the advertising is and of course, more effective use of a marketing budget. Your ad will only show up on sites where people are already interested in something related to what you are offering.

The largest and best known of these pay per click services is Google with their Adwords program. The process is easy to understand; all you need to do is provide Google with the phrase or word that you want people to use to see your advert. Depending on how much you have paid your advert will either be at the top of the search result page or in the right hand column.

No-one can argue that this is an extremely fast and efficient way to see you advert and why so many people love pay per click. Many companies use this technique to gauge how good their advertising copy will be before they use it in more expensive areas. Pay per click search marketing is something that is very simple to use, but at the same time is nearly essential to making online in business today.
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The Author Glen Francis uses this form of advertising for his online business which now includes automated methods to speed up the process.

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