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Operating A Business From Home

Jun 5, 2008
Convincing your family to like your business opportunity is hard. On the one hand, running a home business with one or more children in the household seems like a recipe for disaster. Raising children can certainly be a full time job in and off itself. Adding entrepreneurship to your routine might be just enough to drive you around the bend.

On the other hand, its been done for thousands of years. While the modern concept of a home business or a home office may seem relatively new, people have been mixing trade and family life for a long time. Certainly the traditional family farm is a mix of home and business as are any number of other trades and retail stores. Kids can learn a heck of a lot about life from having a business right there in front of them. Valuable lessons about trust, responsibility, work ethics, and human interaction are available on a daily basis.

Many kids get involved in the home business opportunity magazine. Over time, it may grow into less of a home based business and more of a mid sized family business. Or you may find your kids taking the entrepreneurial lessons they have learned from Mom or Dad and putting them to use through the proverbial lemonade stand, a lawn care business, or in this high tech age, a teenage computer consultant business.

Whether running a home business is right for you and your family is a matter of personal choice and will be influenced by the kind of business and the nature of your personal values. Running a home business opportunity magazine or and a household with children will require you to be a time management expert. You will need to schedule your work time and stick to your schedule. The older the kids, the easier it will be but kids and businesses have at least one thing in common, both are very demanding.

Many home business people work out of their home so that they can spend more time with their children. In that case, you have probably picked a home business conducive to stop and start activity. Others, however, may consider using day care just as they might if they were employed full time at a traditional job. Having even a few hours a day to yourself during which you can concentrate exclusively on your business opportunity magazine or arrange to sit down with an accountant can make a world of difference.

If your are not comfortable with formal day care, you may be able to form an alliance with a few other home businesses nearby to share baby sitting chores. Perhaps three of you will agree that one person will look after all the kids one day a week which gives you each two days a week without the children to focus on your business. Running a home business is all about finding creative ways to make things work.
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