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Another Internet Marketing Campaign Bites The Dust: Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Are Doomed

Jun 5, 2008
There are a few savvy web folks who have effectively used keywords and relevant content to generate a huge amount of links to their blog or website. These guys are mavens when it comes to keywords, they know how to choose them, and they know how to optimize for them. In this way, they have managed to organically increase their web traffic without having to pay a cent. These are the masters of article marketing. They are intelligent, savvy people who know how to drive up web traffic.

Then there are those frustrated individuals who, try as they might, can't write an article to save their life. These people slave away at writing articles to market their website , but no matter what, they don't get results. They are the cynical types who insist that article marketing simply doesn't work.

How come we get completely different results from the same method?

A. You Have To Study the Art of Article Writing

Most people lack the humility and wisdom to study the art of article marketing. Just because they know how to write an academic essay doesn't mean they are article marketing whizzes. In fact, writing marketing articles is a science that can be learned, but only with a humble attitude. Just because one has written a whole ton of blog posts and papers in his life doesn't qualify him to write articles for marketing purposes.

The truth is, one must carefully study and practice this skill for a long time in order to achieve efficacy. Even people who are skilled with words need to be able to understand how to seize the attention of an online reader and get them to pay attention to their article. This is especially because writers need to maintain an organic voice when writing articles.

A lot of gifted writers have tried their hand at writing articles, only to fail and then brand the whole idea as overblown hype. A little bit of humility and positive energy would turn that hype into effective work.

B. Keywords mean everything

Many people have gone past the first stage and have been able to write highly effective articles. These people have learned what it takes to write articles. Except after mountains of work writing good articles, they have nothing to show for it. Why is this?

Keywords will drive more traffic to a web site than any well written article. Keywords are the most important part of any article. More importantly, writers must choose keywords that correctly fit within their business model, but keywords that are not too highly competitive. In other words, you want to find keywords that you can optimize so that your site appears high on search engines.

Recent data has shown that more than 74 percent of web traffic is derived from search engines. We're talking in the number of more than 50 million. The tiniest percentage of that traffic would boost your web site significantly.

C. Head In The Sand

You've got to provide interesting content if you want to be successful. Boring sites will not engage anyone, no matter how well optimized they are. People will get bored and leave. This means you have to provide original, engaging content and use lots of keywords. Make sure you write relevant articles, and you keep them interesting. Write them and read them, and if you are bored, then write them again. You've got to find your own niche and explore it fully. Have something that distinguishes you from the competition. If you're spending all this money trying to bring people to your site, you'd better make sure that site will mesmerize them.

D. Distractions will kill

Writing effective articles requires that you focus intently on what you are doing. Since there are a plethora of other things occurring on the web, it is easy to lose focus. Yet it is crucially important that you maintain intense focus when you are working. This will ensure that you produce quality work.

If you avoid these pitfalls, you can master the art of internet marketing, and you can become a maven of the art.
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