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How To Drive And Generate Traffic Via Reciprocal Link Building

Jun 5, 2008
Within the SEO business, as long as the sites are relevant or related in some way to the topic and subjects of both sites, reciprocal link building will provide good rankings. It is a successful method of driving and generating traffic to your website and it will also help you to gain higher rankings along with other related websites. However, your own website needs to have super content and requires regular updating with important and relevant information.

Link exchanging will result if you have set a first-rate site with appealing content and other related information, and this will also help others who want to exchange links with you in order for them to receive additional Internet publicity.

Here are a few tips to help you with Reciprocal Link Building.

- Make sure the sites you are linked to contain the same subject matter and that all links are related.
- Remember it is quality that counts in this instance, and not quantity. Make sure you are looking out for top notch sites to link with.
- Reciprocal link building can sometimes be frustrating as you will need to check if particular sites have agreed on exchanging links. You will also need to keep a regular check that your link is still available on the other websites.
- Bear in mind that some webmasters may turn down your link and replace it with another. Remember, if this is the case to take their link off your site as you do not want them to benefit when the linking is not reciprocated. That is the whole point!
- Check out the other website link pages - does Google index and visit them? If the answer to this question is no then this will not be doing your site any good, in fact it may well be harming your ranking.
- When you approach a website and request a link exchange, make sure the links which appear to other sites are relevant to your website too. Check that links to other sites are not broken.
- Links on any given page should be limited to say, 40. If there are more than this on the page, then move on and find another page to display your link.
- You may opt to have a separate link page, but this will, of course, depend on the size of the site and the chosen topic.

So, to summarize, make sure that the links are all relevant to your subject during the reciprocal link building process. Keep in mind that not all webmasters will be happy to exchange links but for those that do, make sure you check regularly, approximately once a month is a good interval, that your link is still active. (Some webmasters have been known to agree reciprocal linking and then hide the link at a later date!). Make sure you follow the link exchange rules. The sites you exchange with should exist in the major search engines and have a good traffic ranking. This can be investigated on Alexa which is a super site to keep an eye on the rankings and traffic being generated.

Reciprocal linking is a great way to achieve high website ranking for free but don't just stop there when exchange has been agreed. Monitor the situation and keep on top of it at all times to ensure you are still up there in the rankings and receiving a continued and increasing amount of traffic to your site.
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