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Brochures Can Get Your Bed & Breakfast More Business

Jun 5, 2008
There are many different modes of advertising you can turn to in order to increase reservations at your bed & breakfast. One of them is to create a lovely brochure with all of the important details in it. You also want to provide readers with pictures that show them the outside and the inside of it.

There are certainly many ways you can go about doing so all on your own. If you have a computer and some basic skills it won't be any problem. Most software programs walk you through each step. They offer easy to follow templates so you can change things around until you are absolutely sure that is how you want the layout to be.

If the prospect of doing it on your own is intimidating you can look at some other options. A freelancer is someone who can do the work for you independently. You may find such a person locally or online. You can also turn to professional printing companies as well for your needs. Take the time to compare what is offered as well as the price though so you can get a great deal.

Brochures of such a nature can be as basic or as detailed as you would like them to be. It is wise to experiment with a few different layouts before you commit to the completed project. This way you can make sure you are very happy with it. Ask several people to give you their opinion as well. The may have questions you want to cover in the brochure that you may just assume guests would know about.

You want them to be printed on quality paper. They can have only two sides or they can be folded with more details on the inside pages. You need to make sure everything is spelled correctly. Grammar is a concern as well so don't overlook it. You don't want materials out there linked to your business that aren't professional looking in every way.

It is a good idea to get some input from happy guests who have stayed at your bed & breakfast as well. Some many be flattered to offer photos of them at your facility or even to write a review you can include. There should be some type of code on your brochures as well. That way people making a reservation can tell it to you. This code will be unique to this form of advertising so you can see how well it is working for you.

Get your completed brochures out there to as many locations as you possibly can. Think about where you have seen other brochures and get yours there as well. Think about unique locations where you can get your information presented and there isn't as many other ones to distract the readers attention.

Offering a brochure is an excellent way to reach more guests. You want those interested in a bed & breakfast to know you exist. You want those who are searching for a hotel to consider staying with you instead. This is just one more way you can be aggressive in getting people to come to the bed & breakfast rather than just hoping your rooms will fill up.
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