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Expand Your Business with the Use of Teleseminars

Jun 5, 2008
Teleseminars are probably one of the most overlooked marketing strategies and yet whatever type of business you may have, they can be easily and effectively used to increase your opportunities and satisfy your clients.

So where do you start when using teleseminars?

1. Training sessions are useful to show your affiliates the best way to sell your particular products. Questions from clients about how to effectively use the product they have just bought can be answered too. Either way the recoding of the training session becomes an extremely valuable tool you can either use as a part of the product being discussed or as a bonus on an ongoing basis.

2. Carry out some market research then present the opportunity of a teleseminar covering a specific topic, stating that you will respond to the top ten questions asked. Any questions can be put forward at the time of registration for the teleseminar and then all you need to do is answer the questions. You will be able to gauge how much interest there is in any given topic by the number of registrations. The content of the call will be dictated by the listeners and this along with how much attention is shown will help you to decide whether this particular topic requires the development of a product.

3. Adding a revenue stream to the teleseminar registration procedure is a great way to profit from your efforts too. Present the opportunity of a "what's hot" teleseminar on a monthly basis and charge at least $20 for a content filled call. In some markets, providing you have carried out your research and discovered the best price within your niche, you can charge anything between $100 and $250 from each caller. If you want to make your opportunity look even more inviting, add a handout to enhance the teleseminar. You only need 50 people to take you up on your offer and your work will be rewarded well.

4. People are prepared to pay a substantial amount of money for attention received when part of a small group, so offer coaching to groups of between ten and twenty people. A reasonable fee would be $100 each month for say, two group coaching sessions. With twenty people in each group and a call lasting two hours your earnings are going to be an astounding $1000 per hour.

5. Why not host an open call? This can be done with a larger subscriber list or with an exclusive group. In this instance you will be ready and waiting on the line to answer any questions. Callers with an interest can ask questions while others can simply listen in to the call, offering their comments if they so wish. This technique increases your level of accessibility in the eyes of your callers and it only costs you an hour of your time. An added plus is the fact that the content of the conversation may provide you with new product ideas based on what the callers have to say.

These techniques can easily be put into practice and with a combination of two or more of these you are sure to see your business expand and your bottom line grow.
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Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with experts to leverage their expertise into Online Success. If you prefer teaching teleseminars to attending to attending teleseminars, pick up Teleseminar Basics.
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