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Shielding Your Business With Insurance

Jun 5, 2008
In today's economically unprofitable environment, there is not much anything one can do but to batten down the hatches and pray that the economic slowdown does not take to long. Companies can save with their premiums by raising deductible costs such as that for employee disability benefits that has the company taking out a larger amount of money from their business before getting the insurance to take over. That way, you get your employees the insurance they so badly need and you trim down costs at the same time. Providers also seek for better working conditions so get their people to take a look at your business so they can give you recommendations on how to make it safer and thus less risky. They would be more than glad to keep you in their business and have you both work together as the financial slump goes on.

Businesses from all over are indeed doing so for the elections this year in the United States can make or break most businesses due to the many factors that have them teetering by a knife's edge. Presidential candidates as well as the current president of the country each have their own approaches to dealing with the financial crisis that is plaguing the country at all levels. Some propose tax hikes and some propose cuts that would allow competitiveness but some will surely oppose the moves either way. Businesses and their insurance have been taking the brunt of the economic slowdown due to less profit; add to that the many catastrophes such as the recent swath of devastating storms and the mix is complete for a total shakedown. Time will tell if the varying approaches will indeed benefit businesses as they try to weather out the economic storm that is causing them to lose business all around. Employee trim-downs, closing factories to lessen costs and other cost saving measures are already being exhausted as they try to stave off bankruptcy. Time will tell if these measures will indeed save their businesses or get them added onto the growing statistics of businesses that were unable to weather out the storm.

In businesses worldwide, accidents are a common occurrence that unbeknownst to business owners, the higher the incidence of accidents the higher the premiums they have to pay for in terms of their business insurance. The higher the risk, the higher the premiums for risk is what its all about. Investing in training and re-training saves money for the more skilled your people are in their jobs, the less likely they are to get into accidents. Also, comply with all regulation regarding safety equipment and other safety related aspects of operations, work with your insurance provider to improve the level of risk so in effect you get them involved and develop a rolling partnership.

Then, do not hesitate to inquire about some discounts. It is possible that your insurer may be offering discounts on their business insurance but you will never know unless you ask. Especially when it comes to bundling - where you have two or three coverage in the same insurer.

And it will be for your best interest to do some shopping around. Business insurance premiums are not the same contrary to popular belief. In fact, there are no two business insurance policies that are exactly alike. What you are paying now with your current insurer may cost a hundred dollars more or less with another company.
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