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The Importance of Keywords

Jun 5, 2008
Make up a keywords phrase and add it as the last keyword with the keywords tag of the source code. Wait a couple weeks and then do a search on the major three search engines. Now you will know the true importance the keywords tag plays in SEO. Check what your competitor website or pages used as keyword and keyword phrases. It will help you identify which words you should aim for, as well, especially if the competitor has a good ranking.

If you understand the importance of keywords, but don't do any keyword research you will not get optimum results. Instead you simply think about your product or service and come up with keywords that you think people will search for. At first this might sound like a good idea but in reality you risk losing many potential customers. Keyword and keyword phrases selection is a skill that must be mastered in order to ensure higher ranking in search engine results. It does a huge contribution in the overall search engine optimization process. These tips presented here are some of the many ways to find effective keywords and keyword phrases.

A good combination of primary keyword selection supported by secondary keywords will ensure a well optimized page for that particular keyword. E.g., Primary keyword for earning money online would be, "Make money online and secondary keyword would be "Make money online with adsense, it's just an example.

Keywords are perhaps the most important factor in leading search engine users to web sites. Most search engines will index the entire text of a page and generally look for a minimum of at least 100 words. A page will receive a higher ranking if keywords are placed at the top of the page. Keyword frequency is also a critical factor. Algorithm logic determines that if keyword is repeated a number of times, especially at the top of a page, then the page must be extremely relevant to the keyword topic.

Some search engines will also give high ranking to pages that contain keywords that are positioned close to each other, a concept known as keyword proximity. The relationship of keywords to the other text on the page, known as keyword density, is also important. Pages with approximately 3-7 keywords per every 100 words have a better chance of receiving a high ranking. Web page designers who try to insert multiple keywords by using "invisible text" (example: white text on a white background) will most likely have their sites rejected by search engines that will detect this illegal "spamming" technique.

These are just a few ideas you need to look at when you are contemplating building your site to get the best position for the search terms that you want to target. It can be very time consuming but the rewards are endless for a correctly SEO website so take the time to get it right. Search engine optimisation will deliver a tonne of free traffic to your site and hopefully an endless stream of income.
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