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4 Key Steps To Achieve Online Success

Jun 5, 2008
Here is the thing that I see - everyone seems to be involved with helping people get started online. I said it is good because people need to make a strong start.

But what about those who have tried and discovered that it's not as easy as the sales letters make it seem?

Just by checking out your own email inbox, or read the websites and ads, it seems that there are more and more people today want to targeting "newbies".

The picture you see on the website like they sit in front of their fancy cars. They show you videos of their new homes. They display screen shots of their massive bank accounts.

See, everyone wants to show you how to make your "first $1,000? online and many seems to promise that you will never have to work that hard or learn anything."

The things they claimed, such as signing yourself up with them, plug yourself into their system, that's it! Then you can lay back and live the good life while their marketing funnel or their system or their program will do the heavy lifting.

Make money online takes time and lots of hard work, there is not too much different as you work for a company, you get paid only after you put your time, energy and contributed your part to the firm. So don't let anyone fool you about that.

This article you are reading now is not about the programs or their owners, it is about you. It's about people who need to take the FIRST step toward success.

I believe there are four things that people need to get it done if they want to go for the next step. These are the four steps that I believed can lay a firm foundation for your long term success online.

Yes, that is your goal - LONG term success. Not a simply "cash today or cash this week".

Only if you want to start building a real online business of your own, then you will really want to read the below information carefully.

Okay, let's get start.


So many years ago, Ken Evoy (SBI) said to start your online business, you 'need' a website of your own. It would be difficult to do in the "old days" because you need to learn a product like DreamWeaver or FrontPage. But now, to build a website, there are tools make it easier than ever.

You can also login to a Content Management Systems to create your own website, which can display various sections and get your content neatly organized; WordPress is the easiest one to use.

If you don't like to use above these methods, you can go it alone, hire a person to build a site for you for a low cost.

No matter which methods or how you choose to do it; you need a website of your own, you need one that can change as quickly as you want it to change, and the one where you can promote anything you want in any way you want.


The fact is inevitable, you NEED a list of your own - having your own mailing list is the most important part on your online business success. It plays a very important role in your entire online empire building.

Because with a list you can share from your experience with your subscribers, you can promote ideas and products that you are passionate about, you can help others to avoid the mistakes that you have made along the way, you can discover what other people need and provide it to them and earn money in the process - a true win-win.

Otherwise, you will be 'forever' at the mercy of others and receiving lots of other internet marketer's product promotion emails.

Just remember if you want to progress online, you will eventually see the light and begin building a list.


You need a product of your own, just like what I did - I wrote my own Online, even it is an ebook, but it is unique to me and that is the product I have created.

WHY I say you need a product of your own? Because with a product of your own you can keep all the money on direct sales, you can have affiliates do the selling for you and you only pay them when sales are made, you can attract joint venture partners and get into the inner circle of active online marketers. And you can also build a mailing list easily by offering a discount, free trial, more information and so forth.


If you want to sell something online, you will need a "marketing system". A marketing system is about automation, which means simply using automation everywhere you can.

For instance, every time an order is placed, instead of sending a thank you email, you set up an autoresponder to send that message for you.

In conclusion, you need your own website to say what you want to say online, to sell your own product and build your own list. Without your own product and list, you will forever be marginalized to making a percentage of sales. Without your own automated system, you will end up spending too much time in front of your computer. Not only you put lots of money in but you will also lost the time to enjoy the life as well.
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Ann Liu, a certified professional Internet marketer and author of Online Profiting. To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com
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