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Affiliate Marketing: The Power Of Keyword Research!

Jun 5, 2008
I used a keyword research tool to find out how many times it was searched for. I was satisfied with the amount of searches for that key word phrase, so I decided to use it. My keyword research tool also gave me other highly searched for terms and out of those I also decided to use joint venture marketing.

So, the VERY first thing you need to do is decide what keyword phrases you want to target. I usually pick 2-3 keyword phrases to target. The best way to decide on the keyword phrases you want to use is to think of what your visitor would type into a search engine if they were looking for your site. You will want to use a keyword phrase that gets searched for. Most keyword research tools will tell you this. If your product is related to joint ventures I thought that would be a good term to use. Be careful to make sure you don't pick an extremely competitive keyword phrase like "make money". Too may people are already competing for top search engine rankings for this phrase.

You'll get a better search engine rank by using a related keyword phrase. For instance, if you have a site that deals with making money with ebooks. Instead of using the too competitive keyword phrase "make money" use the keyword phrase "make money with ebooks". Not only will you do better with the search engines, but you will get very targeted traffic from them. Now that you have your keyword phrases picked let's start using them in your website.

Your keyword phrases need to be in the title of your page. The title of your page goes between the tags within your HTML. Another place to put your keyword phrases is within your heading tags such as , , , and so on. Your ALT tags which are contained within your image tags should also contain your keywords. Here's an example of this: The most important place your keywords phrases need to appear are several times within the body of your text. Don't just jumble your keyword phrases into your page. You still want your visitors to be able to read your text.

Now that your page is loaded with your keyword phrases, let's talk about some other SEO techniques you can do to help your search engine rank. Having a sitemap for your site can also help to make sure that your entire site gets indexed in the search engines.A sitemap is a page on your website that lists all the pages within your website. Creating a sitemap is easy for us who are good with HTML. Hoever, if you are not good with HTML it can be tricky.

On the subject of links within your site, you should also make sure that every page of your site points back to your index page. This wont only help you with the search engines, but also if a visitor gets lost on your site, they can always get back to your index page. This way your visitor won't get frustrated and just leave your site.
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