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Affiliate Marketing: Spying On Your Competitors!

Jun 5, 2008
Yes, I said spying. By taking a look at what your competition is doing you can get some great ideas. Pay attention to what tactics they are using on their subscribers and/or visitors and test those tactics.

For instance, there is a marketer out there who has a similar (but not near as good ☺) joint venture product to mine. I noticed he was claiming he was getting several people joining his opt-in newsletter on business building. I was struggling with that part of my site. I went to his site to do a little spying. I looked at how he was asking his subscribers to join, and them joined his opt-in to see what he was mailing them.

I saw that he was asking his visitors multiple times using various methods to join his opt-in on business building. He was also offering an incentive . (A free product.) I started using these tactics, and I was shocked at the dramatic increase in my opt-in rate.

Spying is not an unethical business practice. It's okay to use someone's idea and make it your own, but it's not okay to just out right copy someone, so use good judgment when "spying" on your competition.

Traffic Page

I have made a section on getting traffic to your site for visitors to my blog. In this section I share several techniques on how to get traffic to your site. It changes constantly and I try to add new tips at least once a week.

SEO for Mini Sites

As I said, doing SEO for most types of mini sites is REALLY hard to do because mini sites lack three things that search engines love: keywords, content, and links. Let's get started on doing the game of SEO for your mini site.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization simply means using certain techniques to get as much free search engine traffic as you can. We all love free traffic, so SEO should be the first thing you do when starting promotion for any site.

You can SEO your mini site by doing several things such as writing text rich with your keywords, making sure your page CAN be spidered by the search engines, applying alt tags to images, and several other techniques we will discuss. The key to remember here is that search engines index pages. You should focus on getting each page indexed. Those who say mini sites can't be indexed by search engines are wrong. It is harder, but it can be done.

Let's start with your domain name. Some believe that having a keyword rich domain name helps your search engine position. I totally believe that. Go to http://Google.com and search for joint ventures. Take a look at the URLs in the results. What term do you see in them? Enough said...

Let's talk about the text on your page. Your keyword phrase should be all through your text. I chose two keyword phrases joint venture and joint venture marketing. Why did I choose those two terms? More examples at http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html
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