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Affiliate Marketing: Why Create 4 Mini Sites?

Jun 5, 2008
Here's an example. I have 4 different mini sites that I am currently promoting. Each has a totally different target market. On each of the mini sites is an opt-in form that I get my visitors to sign up for. That way, I not only get to promote the product from the mini site, but also products and services that are related to my product from my mini site.

I offer my visitors a free report on joint ventures for signing up for my opt-in list. They are put into my autoresponder series where I promote my joint venture product to them. I know these people are interested in products and services related to joint ventures. To get the most profit from this targeted list, I search for other products and services I can promote to this list that are related to joint ventures. I make commissions when my subscribers buy, and you can do this over and over again!

Viral Ebooks

Viral ebooks are one of my favorite ways to get the word out about my site. Since ebooks came on to the Internet scene, they have been one of the most searched for items online. In order to use them effectively, you will need to find an ebook that fits your target audience, and that you can brand.

Let's talk about finding one for your target audience first. If I'm promoting a new fertilizer for rose bushes, I'm not going to use an ebook on car repair to try and promote it. I would find an ebook on gardening or better yet rose gardening. The closer you can get to your target market the better. Just make sure you are using an ebook that fits your market. There's a very good example over at http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html

You'll also want to make sure that you can brand the ebook. A brandable ebook is an ebook that has links and/or text in it that you can change. For example, I have developed several different types of brandable ebooks for my customers. They can change my information such as name and website address to their own name and website address. I also offer other links and text they can brand, but you want to at least be able to brand the ebook with your name and your website.

Now you've got an ebook that is branded with at least your name and website address, you're ready to make it viral so that people are reading the ebook and clicking on your website link.

You can use the advice in the above topic on forum marketing for getting your branded ebook out there. Use it as a free gift to your subscribers. Ask other people in your business if they would like to give it away for you. People love free gifts, and I'm always looking for good quality information to give to my subscribers and website visitors. It's easy to give ebooks away. Get creative and you'll be seeing your branded ebook all over the place. This technique works best in markets not related to Internet marketing, but it still works. You're reading my brandable ebook right now.
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