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Online Marketing: How About Writing Reviews?

Jun 5, 2008
Writing reviews about what you are promoting is another way to gain credibility and trust. Speak from your gut when you are writing a review about what you are promoting. People can see through BS, so make sure you really believe in what you are writing or all you will do is make people NOT trust you.

Using testimonials, articles, and reviews also ads content to your "original mini site" type site. Now you're killing two birds with one stone. You are building credibility and trust and adding content to your site.

Content is important to your visitors, but more important to the search engines. As I have said if you have a good tightly focused "original mini site" type site the search engines will index your site. Doing SEO on your site will index it higher. I'll tell you exactly how to do SEO for your mini site in the mini site SEO section of this ebook.

Coming up with your own content is not hard. No matter what you are promoting you CAN write content for it. All you have to do is some research. Research what you are promoting at great length. You'll be amazed at what you can come up with. Using my JointVentureSeeker site as an example again. After I had written the ebook, I needed some articles to promote it. I searched for popular articles on the topic and I went into forums and asked people what they wanted to know about joint ventures. Once I collected this information I just sat down and started writing. I use the book report technique. Study what you are promoting and then write a short book report about it. You'll have more content then you'll know what to do with! It really is THAT simple!

The main thing to remember when building an "original mini site" type site is that you are driving people to your site to do ONE thing. Be it buy, click a link, or sign up for a newsletter. Make sure that any content on your site points them back to what you want them to do. Do not give them choices. They may choose what you don't want them to if you do.

Mini Site Extra

What you need to create an "original mini site" type site:

Domain name, Hosting, Something to promote, UNIQUE and VALUABLE Bonuses

Not many people use the "mini site extra" type sites, and I'm not sure why because they work EVERY time I build one.

"Mini site extra" type sites focus on selling one product or service just like any other type of mini site. They have a special twist to them though that makes them stand out. They not only offer one product or service, but offer the visitor special bonuses or incentives for buying the product or service or even signing up for a program or offer from that website. These should be special bonuses or offers not found anywhere else.

"Mini site extra" type sites are more like "mini site lite" type sites than "original mini site" type site. You don't need a lot of content for "mini site extra" type sites. You still need to do a good job promoting the product, but a lot of content is not needed. For more examples, do visit http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html
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