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How To Get Your Mini Site Indexed Via SEO?

Jun 5, 2008
From my study of SEO I have gathered that they don't get indexed because they lack content (some search engines will even penalize your site because of this). Search engines love content. When you have a lot of pages of relative content on your site the search engines will index the heck out of you. For us marketing using the simple one page, "mini site lite" type sites, we have to look for other ways of marketing them.

There are several other ways out there to market your "mini site lite" type site, so don't be afraid to build one of these. I recommend them to beginners because they are easy to build, and you can learn the right ways and the wrong ways to market with them because it's easy to track what's going on when you just have a one-page site.

Here are a few examples of "mini site lite" type sites. I'm going to go through them with you step by step and tell you how each one is used.

Mini Site Lite Examples

The first type of "mini site lite" type sites we are going to talk about is the one page salesletter site.

You will see the everyday one page salesletter. The main purpose of this site is to get the visitor to buy right now. I explain what I am selling, and tell them why they need it for their business. I offer them bonuses, and then ask them to purchase. Simple and easy to build. All you need is the know how to build a site and the ability to write good ad copy.

This technique is call lead capture. You get your visitors email address, so even if they don't buy your product you can still contact them. They have already shown an interest, so even if they don't buy your product, you can still promote other similar products to them.

Here's one important thing I want to point out to you. When you put a lead capture form on your page like I have make sure that it redirects the visitor back to your page once they sign up for whatever you are giving away. I sat mine up so that once the visitor submits their information they are redirected back to an identical salesletter but it doesn't have the lead capture form on it. Try it and you will see what I mean. The main thing to remember is to always redirect them back to your site.

Now that I have explained to the visitor what I am selling and why they need it to succeed with their business, I'm going to give them some bonuses if they buy my product. Some call them bonuses, or incentives, or thank you gifts. It's up to you what you call them, but your visitors like getting more for their money, so USE THEM!

There is one purpose for a one-page salesletter site and that is to get the visitor to buy right now. This will be the MOST important site you build if you are selling your own products or services. If you can master the art of building and getting people to buy from your one page salesletter site, then you are definitely doing well! So, for more tips on seo mini sites, do visit http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html
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