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Making Money With Mini Sites!

Jun 5, 2008
Mini sites have made a lot of money for A LOT of people. They are simple and easy to use, and can make anyone who is serious about making money online a substantial profit. If you really learn how to use them, they can become your full time profit machines. In this ebook, I will teach you about the different types of mini sites, and how to market them. I wont teach you how to build them, but my friend Kidino has created a complete A-Z site on building your mini site. You can visit his site, and learn how to build your mini site from the ground up! Kidino's site is like no other mini site out there, and for those of you who are brand new to building mini sites.

So, what are mini sites? Mini sites are usually a 1-5 page website that focus on selling one type of thing. A product, service, promotion of a program, or any thing you could ever want to sell or promote online. I have tried to make this ebook a definitive guide to marketing almost any type of mini site. It will be updated with the latest and greatest information on a continual basis.

First, what you are selling or promoting via your mini site does not have to be yours. Personally I mainly promote my own products and services. I believe that's where the real money is. However, there are many people who promote other people's products and service through affiliate programs and make quite a bit of money doing it that way.

What's an affiliate program?

A mutually beneficial relationship between a website and a company. The company seeks to generate more web traffic, sell more products, or seek out potential customers through leads. The website seeks to make a profit by selling ad revenue on the site. Affiliate programs come in many shapes and forms.

First I want to talk about the different types of mini sites. I have broken down the different types of mini sites into 3 categories and I will discuss them with you one at a time.

Mini Site Lite; The Original Mini Site; Mini Site Extra

*Note the above terms are my terms. They are names that I have made up so that when I am building mini sites I have something to go by. I build so many of them that I have made categories for them. I'm passing this information on to you so that you will know which kind of mini site is right for whatever you are promoting or selling.

Mini Site Lite

What you need to create a "mini site lite" type site:

Domain name; Hosting; Something to promote

I love building "mini site lite" type sites. They are quick and easy for me to build, and I can build many of them in a small amount of time. "Mini site lite" type sites are simple one-page sites that either have their own domain name, or they can be just a one-page site built on any domain name you have. I most always buy a domain name for each and every mini site I create no matter how big or small. "Mini site lite" type sites can be landing pages, one page salesletters, etc. They are used to get a sale right now, collect information from the visitor, "presell" the visitor, and many more uses.

I have found "mini site lite" type sites to be the hardest and most expensive to market. Don't let those words scare you away though. I have also found that they make you the quickest and easiest money.

If you are looking to get your "mini site lite" type site indexed in the search engines, you better think again. They almost never get indexed. Why? Well that's the million-dollar question. Find out more at http://www.honestreview.info/profitlance/index.html
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