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Three Online Multilevel Marketing Tips

Jun 5, 2008
Online multilevel marketing?

Remember the Internet is a tool.

Some people have this crazy notion that if they get a website up on the internet their business will be magically built for them and people will pop into their program with no effort from them at all.

In fact they believe they don't have to do anything but snap their finger and shazzammm...an instant downline appears out of nowhere!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You have to learn how to market on the Internet if you want your website to be found among the billions of pages that already exist on the web. (I'm not talking about user controlled web 2.0 marketing)

And don't think that just because you're using a marketing system, that it will market itself without any help from you. There's a lot of marketing systems out there that gives off that impression.

How do you bring the online to your multi level marketing business?

Here are just three ways that will help you do just that:

1. Use a funded proposal to help you attract prospects to you by giving them valuable information. Use the Internet as leverage in helping you share (market) your informational products. Funded proposals by the way, help you create leads and generate cash flow for your business- at least the right ones do.

2. Write articles that offer good content and distribute to ezine publishers and article directories. The Internet makes it a whole lot easier to get your articles distributed and noticed. You can do this manually or use a service like Article Marketer or software like Article Submitter to get the job done. A person that clicks on your article's resource box and visits your site is a very good lead indeed.

3. Put up informational sites about your opportunity that is not just a pitch, but offer information so visitors that land on your site will no more about your opportunity than it's the best in the world and it's debt free. You can put up squidoos and hubpages to accomplish this task.

There you have three online multilevel marketing tips you can start using - but you don't want to start with all three. If you use a funded proposal you still have to learn how to market.

Pick ONE marketing method and get good at it, before adding others. Repeat that 10x's.

The downfall of many business owners is that they try to do ten marketing methods at the same time and end up being a "jack of all trades" but a master of none.

You don't want to do that. Take it one step at a time and you will find a clearer path to your goals.
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