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The Best Time To Post To Make Money With The Internet

Jun 5, 2008
The best time and day for posting to your blog comes with a lot of things to consider. It comes down to a bit of research and experimentation to work out when the best time is for your personal topic, niche and audience.

With this in mind, I can only talk about generalizations. However, a certain pattern does exist here in the US for the majority of websites and that is what will be shared here.

The highest traffic in a month comes in the first and third weeks of a month, with more hits during the end half of a month. The highest traffic days of the week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

The highest traffic in an average day comes between the hours of 0800 to 1400 (PST) and most comments are posted between 0900 to 1400 (PST). People are more likely to comment on a post on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

To obtain attention for a post with the blog traffic patterns and hit the majority readers, try posting the third or first week of the month early in the week. This will also increase the probability that others will add or make a hit.

You will not find this information written in gold or in any handbook, yet it makes solid sense. And it seems to play out over and over again on most blogs.

Think of a typical workweek where people are getting geared up once again from the weekend. The new posts are checked out if there is time and if not, they usually at checked out on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Depending on the pressures and the workload during the week, the posts are not top priority. It there is time, great, and if there is not, well Saturday will be the catch-up day. That is why Saturday is another great day for posting.

Saturday day can be used for catching-up, or for new posts when someone finally can relax with a cup of coffee and read the new posts. So it's a good day for posting to make money with the Internet.

Comments are a little different to figure out. If you want to encourage more comments, you need to hit harder to persuade comments on the off-days since the on-days are the time when people are more likely to comment.

Perhaps it's not really necessary to invest a lot of time trying to capture the perfect times to post, since readers are coming from around the world. The key should always be to have fresh and new content waiting when your readers arrive.
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