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Basics In Obtaining Cheap Hosting

Jun 5, 2008
When there isn't a need to pay more for a service, no one wants to go the expensive route. Where a webmaster can save money, he or she can better use the funds for increasing popularity and services of the said website. But finding a cheap web host can be a tough action to go through- although there are some tips to get webmasters on the right road.

The biggest disadvantage to average cheap webhosts is the fact that they will commonly offer less disk space and bandwidth than other hosts. The trick is to find a webhost that is established enough to have extra disk space and bandwidth available. This means that the no-name hosts that don't have reputation will likely be less appealing than the mainstream hosts.

Some hosting companies like to offer more services than the consumer needs. This is usually a marketing tactic that shows that they have "more" than the competitors they are facing. But in reality, many "extras" aren't commonly used by the average webmaster. Most website builders, extra programs, and other services just aren't necessary, and end up costing the consumer more money each month. If the option permits, try to cut down services and increase savings.

Sometimes to get a cheaper plan, more has to be bought. Most web hosting companies will give discounts to those who bulk order their services. The process will cost more overall, but bandwidth and disk space charges are less expensive in the long run. For webmasters that have a semi-popular website, this is usually the best route to go, regardless of the fact that it costs a bit more.

Making a commitment to a webhost is also a great way to enjoy vast savings. Some webhosts will offer a yearly plan that is heavily discounted- but the drawback is that the webmaster is paying for a full year of service. If the funds permit, this is a very good idea since the price will commonly be discounted to the point where there will be a few free months of service.

Cheap webhosts can also be obtained through other types of efforts, although it'll take more time and patience. The first way is to simply place ads on one's website that link back to the webhost. This will require an "under the table" deal with the webhost, who will agree to offer a discount in exchange for the links. Other things, such as forum posting, referring sales, or even completing offers can help reduce a payment each month.

In Conclusion

Cheap web hosting isn't hard to find- one just needs to search for it! One can always find huge discounts from buying in bulk or by committing to certain length of service agreements. If cheaper routes are necessary, it is usually best to go with established webhosts. Also never hesitate to make use of free storage websites for images and files, as they can save a heap of money in bandwidth and disk space costs in the long run!
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