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Advancing Revenue In A Blog To Make Money On The Internet

Jun 5, 2008
Today in the crowded Internet market there are thousands of websites and blogs existing even for small segments. As a consequence paid promotional techniques are becoming an important factor of any successful marketing strategy.

In the beginning most of the pioneer websites were successful on their own niche, and they became popular without spending revenue on advertising. However, today you play with new rules to promote your blog.

If you are expecting to make money with your new Internet business there is no reason to assume that you should not invest in your blog. To improve traffic, search engine rankings and gain visibility you'll need assistance.

The AdWords-AdSence combo is probably the most efficient method to generate raw traffic for your website. You create an account of keywords that are related to your site and request the Pay-Per-Click rate at 1 cent. Then raise the amount per click as you go.

StumbleUpon is a very innovative social bookmarking site that allows users to discover great blogs by using a browser toolbar. When the user clicks on Stumble, he will be delivered a website that people with similar interests look for.

Buying some sponsored reviews is a good way to kick-start a website. They will bring backlinks, traffic and RSS subscribers. Many market studies confirm that "word of mouth" is the most efficient way to get people's attention and that's what you get here.

Banner ads or sponsorship plans are advertising deals structured with weekly or monthly fees regardless of the number of clicks. This is great for visibility and brand awareness. Some readers become curious and want to know what all the buzz is about.

You make arrangements with other websites and they display your banner. Another advantage of this sponsorship is the fact that people will unconsciously think the author endorses your content.

If you are trying to increase your search engine ranking and generate direct traffic, then consider buying some text link ads. There are several places to buy text links, such as TextLink-Ads, Text Link Brokers or online, Digital Point market place.

Two other techniques Site-Specific AdWords and Blog Networks work nicely and despite the initial investment also pay off. They both generate a good amount of very targeted traffic and you are in control of each method.

Every entrepreneur should do all he can to make his new Internet business work. There are many trusting and reliable ways to promote your site with a bit of money. You just need to do the homework to find out which one is best for you.
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