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Do You Want To Serve Alcohol At Your Restaurant

Jun 5, 2008
If you have a restaurant or you are considering opening one up, there are several issues to take care of. One of them will be the decision to serve alcohol or not. This is a touchy subject though and one that requires a great deal of consideration. First, you need to find out if you can even serve alcohol in that location. This can be determined by your city ordinances.

There are some pros and cons to serving alcohol at your restaurant that you need to be aware of. For example some families enjoy restaurants where the adults can get wine or beer with their dinner. It will encourage them to bring in the entire family and that means more money in your pocket. Others though avoid such establishments with their children so you could be driving some people away.

As you can see, it isn't going to be possible to keep everyone happy with such a decision. Therefore you will need to take a close look at what works best for your type of restaurant. You will have to follow the law though to make sure you can get a liquor license. If you don't follow the guidelines for it you may find it being denied. It can also be revoked later on if you aren't following the rules.

If you decide to set up your restaurant with a bar area, be prepared for some money to be involved. There are glasses, accessories for the drinks, and of course the alcohol itself you need to have available. You are also going to need to hire excellent bartenders who know how to make an array of popular drinks.

You will want to serve for a supplier of the alcohol that offers you a very good deal too. This way you can always have the alcohol you need on hand. You also want to be able to sell it for much more than you paid for it. That way you can justify the hassle of having to provide such services at your restaurant.

You can have wait staff that is old enough to work taking care of your guests. However, if they are under the drinking age they can't serve the alcohol. This is something that you will need to work out the details of. Other wait staff may not appreciate having to cover their orders. They also may not have the time. Yet you don't want to avoid hiring younger people who would be excellent employees either.

You also have to make sure every single one of the people you serve alcohol to is old enough for it. If they don't have ID on them then they don't get a drink - no exceptions. If you don't believe the ID real then they shouldn't get any alcohol offered to them either. Pay attention to how they are doing with it as well.

You don't need drunk people hanging out in your restaurant. Make sure you are able to cut them off when there is still time to get them safely out of there without incident. No one consuming alcohol needs to leave and drive their car. Keep an eye out for everyone's safety when you serve alcohol.
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