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Using Strong Autoresponder Messages Can Provoke and Maintain Interest

Jun 5, 2008
Autoresponder messages are not the easiest method of marketing, but they can be a marketing tool that can assist you in many ways when using messages to pique interest, inspire change, and ultimately, maintain the interest of prospective clients or associates. Strong autoresponder messages work only when you are not pushing to achieve a sale or pushing to sign someone up.

Strong autoresponder messages should motivate a person to improve their life as it is important to them. After all, nobody but you is concerned about you in the business of marketing, and thus readers are simply going to delete your autoresponder message if it doesn't apply directly to their lives.

Marketer have been taught for years that people need to say 'No,' to your pitch about seven times before their first 'Yes.' Often this is because it requires seven attempts to really get people to hear what you have to say. An autoresponder message can either work for you or against you when using it as a vessel to your seven "No's" to get to your one "Yes."

Piquing interest is about building interest. Toss a dog a bone and he snatches it and walks away. However, use the bone as leverage and he pays attention, does what you tell him to do, and eventually receives the fabulous treasure you hold in your hands.

Strong autoresponder messages work in the same fashion, they simply work with people treasures. Your first three messages should really be about informing your potential client or associate about something that is important to them. Most of the time this involves money (either saving it or making it) or time, the one commodity no one really has enough of. These two terms can be brought to the forefront of an autoresponder message in a way that is valuable to the potential prospect and that motivates them to read more of your material.

You really don't want to get marked as spam, so remember what other people value the most and why when you are writing out your autoresponder messages.

Over time your messages can expand, and by the seventh to ninth autoresponder message, you should be adding in the best overall solution to their time or money issues, which is the bone you hold in your hand. Every single autoresponder message that you write should keep the best interest of your audience in the front and bring your product, service, or business into the limelight at the end of the message.

Check out what other marketers are out there doing and how they write their autoresponder messages. Never copy, but always learn from the best whenever the possibility presents itself.
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