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Increase Your Odds Of Success 370% With Off Beat Ideas

Jun 5, 2008
Weird, wacky, or off beat ideas should be celebrated by creative thinkers! Is your industry competitive? I know mine is! The information marketing, internet marketing and direct marketing is very competitive. For this reason, everybody is constantly trying to out do one another so their products are noticed. Being unusual can help in this area! You always notice someone who is a little unusual, and you can use this to your advantage. Once people start taking notice of you, it won't be long before a lot of people do!

Jim Edwards is an example of someone who takes this idea of being unusual and different and puts it into his everyday practice. He does things differently, is on the edge and people love it! Some people subscribe to his newsletter, I Gotta Tell You, or tune into his Friday Night Smackdown, just to see what he might say. Jim is doing something different than everyone else and it can't be duplicated which makes more and more people want to listen to him.

Because of that, it ignites all kinds of energy and excitement, and interest in what he's doing.

All ideas spark excitement in creative thinkers, but what really ignites the passions are the new and original ideas and things that has not been thought of before.

Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, and Rick Raddatz are another great example with their with Audio Generator and Instant Video Generator.

When these two products were thought of by these guys it completely excited them. They celebrated their off-beat idea and it really started the wheels in their heads and ignited their imagination. They had thought of something no one had before.

Of course, there's a huge amount of pride and excitement that comes from being the first to come up with a thought or a different ad campaign, or a story line, or even a headline that works, or a new product, or whatever. But off-beat and imaginative solutions are not just the hallmarks of creative thinking. They are the financial cash cows, and people pay more for unique ideas that they can't get from anyone else.

Doug Hall, who founded he Eureka Ranch, basically gets hired by corporate 500 companies just to brainstorm. The companies pay $150,000 for three days of brainstorming. He confirms the data that proves there is a higher probability of success in the marketplace if your ideas are dramatically different. If your ideas are off-beat, different, unique people will definitely take notice.

I actually had the amazing opportunity of watching the whole process take place while being trained underneath Doug.

He has proven with study after study that you actually stand a 350% chance of success, higher probability of success in the marketplace, the more dramatically different your ideas are.

This data is confirmed and actually raised to 370% by the Harbour Business Review. They confirmed that your success in the marketplace will be dramatically increased the more different your ideas are.

Creative thinkers rejoice in their off-beat ideas, partly because of the monetary rewards they receive from them. You have to ask yourself - will you be the next person in your industry to make big waves with your off-beat idea?
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