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How to start your salesletter off with a BANG! (Part 1)

Jun 5, 2008
When it comes to opening up your salesletter for an online promotion... your lead is vital.

Well, it determines whether your prospect will buy... or not. Hold their interest and attention... they'll keep reading. And the more they read, the better chance you have to actually sell them.

What should it do?

1.Ask a thought provoking question that arouses enough curiosity so they read like a madman for the answer 2.Read smooth. Use short words and sentences to entice your reader (5th grade level works fine). 3.Follow through on an angle or promise from the headline . 4.Carry out the promise and show the ultimate reward for reading your salesletter.

Most new copywriters can't get to the point. When they send it to me and ask for a critique, I usually have them dump a page or two from their lead.

Actually, at this point you're only on the A of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Your lead keeps that attention while moving the reader to interest.

In fact, when your copy sucks (like it's not selling...), it's usually one of 3 things. Your offer, headline or your lead. That makes it pay off to smooth those first pages out!

This is where your reader knows what's at stake and why he (or she) should keep scrolling down your salesletter. There is no set rule for how long your lead should be, it could be a page, it could be 3. Some move into the big idea right away, some ease into it. It's up to you.

So get these 2 objectives met in your lead.

Give your readers your big promise - and intro your big idea.

What is a big promise?

Your Big Promise is a claim about the benefits of your product.

Do you get it?

The big promise tells me what my life will look like AFTER using your product.

It takes all of your smaller promises and beefs them up.

That way, you tap into that "what's in it for me" mindset of your prospects right away.

What do they want, what do they crave, what gets them excited and makes them scream for more?

After you know your prospect (through research) you'll have what it takes to create your big promise.

The Big Idea deserves more attention, so I'll devote my next article on it.


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