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Jun 5, 2008
What Internet marketer hasn't felt the need for more traffic? The fastest way to go out of business is to shift your focus away from driving traffic to your websites. Needless to say there enough options to consider for driving traffic to keep you busy all day just trying to decide where to start.

When it comes to traffic, quality counts. It also doesn't hurt to find the latest "hot" source. Few marketers haven't at least heard about Squidoo. This site is a hybrid mix of membership and advertising that seems to deliver more traffic than many of its older competitors.

One of the major reasons for adding Squidoo to your traffic driving toolkit is the quality of traffic it can deliver. It all boils down to the type of people that are attracted to Squidoo.

When you do your research it's clear that membership sites deliver the traffic....when you know how to use them correctly. Squidoo definitely deserves your attention if you're in need of more eyeballs and serious website traffic. Naturally you'll want to go over your check list to make sure you've already covered the basics

One item that many marketers overlook is perfoming an evaluation of their product. This is not to say your product lacks quality. What's more important is how may other marketers are pushing the same item? You can literally sell garbage cans door to door and emailbox to emailbox and make a living...if your product is unique, attractive and you have a leg up on the competition.

That's where Google can save you time with your homework. Do some searches for your product using keywords your customers would use to find your item. Let the numbers show you whether you're one of millions or one of a few hundred thousand. This may sound too simple, however, if you do it you'll be 1 of the 20 or so marketers who take the time to do this simple test.

You can also do a search on Squidoo. Their members can be quirky but they are hungry for information and respond well when you have a quality offer or product. Spend about 30 or so minutes searching the Squidoo website for your product.

You may find you are one of just a couple dozen or less marketers in your niche. This is one of the big secrets of this massive site. With your simple to do research out of the way you are ready to prepare for business. Here are some simple to follow tips for ramping up your website traffic.

The great thing about this site is you'll just need a couple or three paragraphs of content to make it work.

1. Consider about what you want to display prominent on your Squidoo lens. Choose a niche that matches your product. Ofter the zanier lenses are quick to produce and become less of a project to build. Plus unusual
topics appear to be more popular with the multitude of Squidoo fans.

2.When you have decided on your best feature to present spend some time on your graphic choices. Squidoo likes colors and action packed designs. Take the time to focus on this when you plan your project.

3. Be sure to "keep it real" when it gets to what you want to chat about when you write your paragraphs. These customes won't stay on your page if you sound phony or not really interested in our own subject. Think about everything you do on your lens from a best friend's point of view. What would make their life style go better? Wherever could they buy stuff easier? Cheaper? After midnight?

5. Finally, promote the url for your Squidoo lens and post it everyplace. Make sure you post it on MySpace and YouTube. You want to plaster, but not spam, to have your website travelled to.
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Alex Rich is a hypnotherapist and business coach. You'll find more business building details at his blogs: SEOArticleScribe.blogspot.com and www.squidoo.com/topseotips
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