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Micro Niche Finder 3 - Find Niche Markets

Jun 5, 2008
What is a Niche? A niche in internet marketing terms can be defined as an untapped market undiscovered by other marketers.

How do you find a niche?

Not just any niche will do, it must be a hungry niche, people ready to buy what you have. To find a hungry niche you mine through keywords that are being typed into Google daily. Do this exercise, type a keyword into Google you will see how many results are returned, this is somewhat irrelevant. YEP, I said it, I can hear the moans and groans now and maybe the yelling at the screen. You see, that number is how many pages Google returned with that keyword somewhere on a page. Who cares? What we need to know is how many competitors are optimizing their webpages for that keyword. This will tell us who and how tough our competition is giving us insight to how much effort we need put forth to get to the top spot of Google. To do this we enter the keyword in quotes, ie.. "your keyword(s) here". Now we are getting somewhere.

The results you see now is a simple glimpse of what you are up against, the lower this number the better. A good range if your starting out is more than 3,000, but less than 10,000, anymore than 10K, your effort increases greatly and your weekends become filled with more research and less time cornering your niche and making money. At this point you could go create an ezine article with your keyword in mind, really just the title and a mention or two about the keyword and you should have a really good chance of having your article placed in the Google results, usually on the first page if you stay within that range I mentioned. So how do you know if that keyword is popular? This is key. Without traffic it doesn't matter what you do online, nothing will work, we have to use tools to determine their popularity.

Are there tools to find niche markets?

You better believe there are many tools and it takes a lot of time to research them, test them and apply what you learn from them to make any money online. I want to give you a shortcut, learn from my experience. I strongly believe the only tool that you need right now is very easy to find its called Micro Niche Finder 3. This tool has many tools inside, the interface is VERY user friendly, I taught my very non-technical Dad and friends how to use it in less than 30 minutes and now I have to bribe them to get off my computer so I can work... Yes, they have become overnight Internet Marketing gurus.

Micro Niche Finder version 3 automates the above method allowing you to find niche markets in a matter of minutes. This is one tool in a crowd of many that helps you find your niche easily. Another tool to compare to Micro Niche Finder is Nichebot, Wordtracker and Keyword Elite.
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