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Start Your Home Base Business With A Domain Name And Web Hosting

Jun 5, 2008
So you want to start an internet business where you can work at home and make tons of money? The first part is easy to do. The tons of money can be accomplished but it isn't easy. It is just like a real job. It requires hard work, dedication, research, and commitment to see it through.

What do I need to get started? You need to decide what kind of internet business do you want to start. Do I want to buy wholesale and resale it retail? Do I want to do affiliate marketing where I recommend products and earn referral fees? How about drop shipping? I can sell products and not have to stock them. The possibilities are almost endless for those who want to work at home and start an internet business.

What do all these business opportunities have in common? They all need a domain name and web hosting. What is a domain name? A domain name is your business name on the web. You have heard of the .com, .net, .org and also .tv and .biz. The most popular is the .com. I am not trying to discourage you but when you go to find a .com name you will be surprise at how hard it might be. There are thousands of domain names that have been registered by someone and are not in use.

You can pay lots of money for a domain name or you can go to some of the leading Domain Name Registrar and get a cheap domain name. They are very reliable source. They also will offer lots of other services but hosting is available elsewhere that I personally consider a better deal. I also use both services. For some folks it makes sense to buy your name from a registrar and host your website there. One stop shopping. For myself, I found I prefer to buy my domain cheap and then host elsewhere. Just check out there services and do compare.

Now you got a domain name but you also will need a place for web hosting. You can find places that will host your web business for as little as $3.99 a month. However, if you plan to have more business, then you will want to consider a plan from a hosting company that allows you to have unlimited domains names (depending upon the service level). The advantage of unlimited domain names enables you to "add domain names" websites without having to pay a monthly hosting fee for each site. Several good companies exist where you host an unlimited domain hosting starting around $9.95 a month. It is easy to find the leaders providing this type of service. This is a good deal. I have found the service to be reliable. If you need support, make sure the hosting company has a good record in providing accurate support in a timely manner.

If you are ready to start your work at home business or be a work at home Mom, then the internet provides an excellent way in which to get started. You got to have a domain name and you will need hosting. Without these two, there is no sure way to truly be online.
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Jerbob Johnsen owns the Work From Home Ideals website as well as several other successful websites. If you are ready to start working from home or need ideals, then visit http://www.WorkFromHomeIdeals.com for huge listing of work from home ideals to start your own home based business or become a work at home Mom.
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