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Increase Memberships Sales - Tips For Earning Residual Income!

Jun 5, 2008
Learning to increase membership sales isn't as complex as it seems. While some may want you to believe that it is almost as complicated as advanced math, it's not. You might find it surprising to know that increasing membership sales is actually easy when you know how it works.

Below are some tips you should enjoy:

1) Ask yourself this question: If you were to buy your own membership... Would you buy it? If not, why should other people buy your membership? Hint, make sure you want to buy it first!

2) Customer support always wins. Nobody wants to pay $20 and never get any answers. Customers would rather spend $29 and get in contact with you or a forum with members to communicate with!

3) Make sure the quality of your website is up to par. This means that the graphics are right, the layout looks good in all browsers and everyone can see there's a professional behind the site. If in doubt, ask successful marketers if it's good enough!

4) Get people to come back to your site and read more by installing and maintaining a blog. Does your site have one already? Good! Let's get going!

5) Show proof, like testimonials, reviews and graphs, before/after pictures or whatever you need. This is a tactic used to increase trust and make certain that people already like and trust you.

6) Give away special incentives and bonuses for refering others to your site. It could be "free to join" or you give them something else of value. Try it. It works like a charm!

7) Have more than one price group such as free, silver and gold. Incerease the price and value for each one and make sure that all people can join!

8) make sure your domain name is short and easy to remember. Also keep the product easy to remember and have around 2-3 words maximum!

9) Advertise with your signature. Place a link to your website in the signature section of your profile to every message board and forum that you belong to. Do this for your email accounts as well.

No matter how many of these methods you use to increase your membership sales, you will receive fantastic results. Not only will these tips keep your current customers from canceling their memberships, you'll add new members along the way.
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