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A Explanation of Myspace Profile Managment

Aug 17, 2007
Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know about Myspace. The term "social networking" is now on the tips of tongues all over the world thanks to Myspace.com. Offered as a panacea for everyone touting a service, business, interest or band, social connection websites are now a must have for everyone.

If you're familiar with the allure of trolling Myspace all day long, you'll understand that this time could be better spent, especially if you're trying to run an enterprise. That's why if you have a product and you're on Myspace, you NEED a profile manager.

Myspace profile management is essential to making the most out of your marketing potential. This kind of service is sometimes difficult to find but sooo worth it in the end. Of course you can get burned so I've laid it all out for you below.

Profile management typically comes in three flavors: hourly, monthly and full management.

Hourly management mean that you're contracting someone to contact as many friends as they can in your demographic and send friend requests to all, increasing your friend list. This kind of service can be limiting although spending $100 for someone to send mindless friend requests can get the ball rolling. God knows I'd rather have someone else do the monkey work.

Some services will offer a monthly plan, which is a flat rate for the month handling all friend, adds, requests and comments with your link on all approved contacts. This will do wonders to get the word out on your interest and build that all-important list. Plus management of comments will get your link out there and attract some "surf by" traffic. A healthy expectation for this kind of management is about 2000 friends a month with comments on each profile. Judge the rate for yourself to decide if it's fair. Someone spending 3 hours a day on this can easily post those numbers so weigh this option next to the hourly offering.

Full profile management can mean many things to many managers. Look for someone you can trust to not only help in the correct design of your Myspace page, but also handle all the correspondence that will eventually come as a result of your friend requests. Again, 2000+ friends is a fair expectation at this level of service. Full management of this kind should also contain commenting, requests, advertising your page via graphic commenting as well as appearing as your Myspace "face". If you choose someone to be your lone representative for all of your Myspace contact, make sure it is someone you can trust - insist that they provide references.

Although the Myspace is becoming an increasingly attractive marketing forum, it will become clogged in time with the "get rich quick", shortcut type of marketing that have pervaded other media avenues. If you invest in hiring someone to run your profile, spend your money wisely and be smart. Getting some help in the beginning can give your venture a huge boost on Myspace.
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