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Selecting The Right Exhibition Displays

Jun 6, 2008
Getting the right exhibition displays for your company event can be stressful job. Some business events and marketing exhibitions require all companies taking part to advertise and display their company logo well. These include using specific exhibition equipment and stands to allow people to see who you are, and draw them into your section. The idea may well be to represent your company at a recruitment fair or draw in more clients at a business exhibition.

The important thing to remember is to find the right exhibition displays, without which you will not be able to market your brand as well as other rival companies. Before selecting the right equipment, you will need to do a lot of planning, researching and designing. When rebranding the logo and the company, this will mean taking time in discussing with designers what you are looking out for, but it also means that you will need to display this at the exhibition.

The kind of exhibition display you choose will determine how you will be representing your company at the exhibition. These may include putting on a demonstration of a new or existing production, or perhaps you will be displaying a presentation on launching a new product. You may be also considering presenting yourself to new clients by introducing your services and talking to people about what you will be providing for new customers.

Some exhibition displays can be simple popup stands or banner stands; others can be in the form of interactive screens, projectors, graphic displays and may even include a stage with display units for people to take away brochures. This would be a good idea especially if you are looking to spread the name of your company across to a wider audience. The benefits of putting up eye-catching displays are that potential clients will be able to remember your brand more easily and it will mean you have placed a good amount of emphasis on shining out above others.

You should always have a look at previous exhibition displays from previous exhibitions just to get an idea on what was successful in bringing in peoples attentions. You will also determine how best to arrange these and where to locate yourself so you are seen by everyone who walks through the event. You want people to be able to notice your stand so you will need to be displayed in an original way rather than looking to blend in with the other stands.

You will also need to decided with the exhibition displays are trying to attract a specific audience, such as business clients, young people, the general popularity or a specific gender. This is all dependent upon your business and the kind of organisation you are running. This will need to be all in the design of the display as this help to attract that kind of an audience even more so, than it would if you were to approach people.

It may well work out that people will tell other people about your company who happen to be your target audience and potential clients. Knowing how much all of this will cost you will also play a part in the running of the exhibition and whether all fo the efforts made for the display was worth the money. Sometimes spending out on elaborate and expensive exhibition equipment may not provide you with the results that your company is aiming to reach.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on exhibition displays, having helped to organise and plan many other exhibitions in the past.
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