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Website Promotion: How To Promote Your Website

Jun 6, 2008
There are many website promotion techniques, but the best way how to promote your website is by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. Article marketing, or bum marketing as it is sometimes called, is by far the most profitable way to get traffic to your site.

In fact the term 'bum marketing' was introduced because it is said that by using article marketing, even a bum can get a no-good website promoted with loads of traffic simply by submitting articles to article directories. Well, that might just be an urban myth, but it sure promotes article marketing.

The reason for the myth is that the article has to be well written with a good command of English, and the website has to be reasonably good to make money from it. It is debatable if a bum could achieve both, so I regard the term as derogatory to article marketing and never use it myself as you have just noticed!

Seriously though, your articles have to be good and well written, and there are a number of ways to achieve good website promotion through using articles. If you know how to promote your website properly, then you are already likely to be using articles, but how are you using them and are they giving you the results you are looking for? Likely not, if you are just an amateur writer, because Google is getting clever - or perhaps the word should be cleverer.

It is not good just to write articles any more and no good just to stuff them full of keywords. Even 2% keyword density is too much now. Contextual relevance of associated vocabulary is all important, as is the syntax of your sentences and the vocabulary you use. If you don't understand what that means, then you badly need the services of a professional writer! Because that is what more and more people are turning to for top class results.

Let's look at what a good article can do for you:

1. The reader will want to read more of what you have to say, and will click on the web page URL that you have provided in your 'Author's resource'. That is one traffic unit!

2. The reader might even copy your article for their own website if it is good enough, along with your Resource section. That provides you with a backlink to your site plus the opportunity of more clicks.

3. You get a backlink in any case from every directory that accepts your articles - but it has to meet their strict requirements to be accepted.

4. Many directories belong to syndicates, so when you submit to one, your articles are exposed to many, many more.

You have likely gathered by now that the most important aspect of articles is that they must be literate, with good grammar and put the point across well enough for others to be really interested in what they have to say. Otherwise they will be read with interest and then the readers will move on. The main benefit of an article is the traffic it brings, not this thing called Google PageRank that takes months to change and hundreds of articles to achieve even a one point increase.

Traffic is what counts, and that is what a good article will bring you. So get writing, but if you can't do it yourself it will well worth your while to have somebody do it for you. If your writing isn't up to standard then you suffer rather than gain.

Website promotion is very important for any online business, and if you need to know how to promote your website then article writing is the best way. You might say that a Google or any other high search engine position is better for the free traffic that it brings, but you don't get that these days with Google's current algorithm without submitting at least one or two articles every week.
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