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The power and magic of a sales letter that really sells.

Jun 6, 2008
Many entrepreneurs don't know what they don';t know about sales and marketing. This often has dire consequences for the bottom line. Good sales copy is an example of something that most business owners know nothing about. Dan Kennedy, aka the Millionaire Maker calls creating great sales copy, "writing your own check".

Basically, a sales letter done right gives you a salesman that does the job around the clock and never asks for time and a half. You can tell good advertising copy because it is copy that creates money for your business. Too bad most business owners never employ a sales letter in any form.

Failure to make use of the power of good advertising copy and it is noticeable in lost profits. Just so it is clear, there is no set "format" for a sales letter to work to create customers. No reason to worry. Take the attitude that even bad copy is close to your goal because there are very specific things you can do to make it good, fast.

I want you to run with the concept right now, so I am going to tell you all you need to know: Go to the library and grab a stack of magazines from the popular genres. You are looking for things in the area of fashion, entertainment, sports, and health and fitness. Pick one from specific and one more general from each category. In sports, you might pick up Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest. Go through them and do nothing but look at the ads.

The sales letters are often full or half page. They sometimes can be half page. Many times they offer a free written or audio material when you get in touch with them. You'll notice that the sales letter focuses heavily on the service or product offered and not at all on the company name. It is an unfortunate false perception that the big corporations are masters of advertising. In reality, most have not clue about how to draft or use a good sales letter.

Trust me, you'll know really good sales copy right away. It is interesting to read and makes you interested in the product or service being sold. Put a book placeholder and go get two or three past issues. If you see the same or very similar ad in those back issues, the ad is very likely a successful ad.

The strategy of the big boys who throw their money around on the expensive ads is mass marketing to a mass market based on branding using singing polar bears and football playing frogs or whatever. It is highly likely that they have no idea of the ultimate effect of the millions spent. That's fine, they have that luxury in many cases. For the purposes of bringing your product or service to everyday people with choices, you need to bring them benefit and make it real clear up front what that benefit is.

Strategy #2 is to provide your unique benefit to your customer. You want to answer the question: "Why should I be doing business with you and not others offering the same product or service. What is it can you do for them? Always keep that question in mind in creating winning advertising copy.

It is widely documented that a simple USP can have a powerful impact on a business. When Tom Monaghan started Domino's Pizza, he basically took a fledgling mom and pop and turned it into an empire based on the USP: "Fresh Hot Pizza delivered in 30 minutes or Less, Guaranteed".

By conveying a unique benefit, unlike any other in the marketplace, Dominos moved to the head of the pack.

Strategy #1 was skipped intentionally? So what is it?

Well, the order is backwards in the article because rule #1 is to have a good headline. But learning how to do a sales letter means understanding what one is and that means a commitment to learn. Headlines are a topic for a future article.
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