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Add Value To Information Products: Convert To Digital Media

Jun 6, 2008
One of the best ways to maximize your profits while engaged in internet marketing is to be able to make your existing products more valuable. One way to do that is to change your downloadable information products. Converting downloadable information products to digital media products can add value to the product and enhance your ability to generate profits.

Media based information products generate opportunities to create more products. If you create a media based product from a digital product you already have two products where you used to have one. If you create an audio product from your ebook and then convert that audio into a digital media package, now from one ebook you have four products.

Bundle the ebook itself and the audio product into one digital media based product and you have created a fifth product. Each time you create a new product you are adding value. Each time you add more to the product like including the ebook and the audio on one digital product you add value.

Media based products are easily turned into packages and bundles of products creating more unique products. You can easily combine a number of ebooks together into a collection and by converting the whole collection into a digital media product, you again create a new higher value product.

A great example can be shown using ebooks from the cooking niche. If you sell one ebook on general cooking it is not worth that much and you will not get a very high price for it. Now turn around and add an ebook on appetizers, one on side dishes, one on desserts and one on how to throw a dinner party and you have now created a comprehensive group of products you can call the complete dinner party collection.

If you sell that collection as downloadable products, you may be able to market it to get a better value, but to many it will seem to be just a bunch of ebooks to download. Put the collection on a CD that is professionally produced and packaged and title it "The Complete Dinner Party Collection" and it is looked upon as one product, because it is on one CD, but it is a complete collection and therefore will command a much greater price than the downloadable form of the product.

The more you can enhance the value of the products you sell, the higher selling price they can command. Higher selling prices mean higher profits. Converting downloadable information products into digital media products greatly increases the value of your information products. Converting information products into physical products also opens a multitude of ways to change, repackage and reconfigure your existing products to enhance your overall profitability.
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