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Website Building Layout - The Basics

Jun 6, 2008
If you were going to build a house would you start with a blueprint or plan? Most people would say yes, as to get the best results you must do some planning upfront. Building a website is very similar in this respect - planning produces better results. Even though you are probably excited and want to get your website live on the Internet as soon as possible, a little planning will save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Start with the layout and decide what you want to incorporate into your website. How many pages will you have? What do you want to include in the navigation menu? How much content will you include? The layout is very important as you want your visitors to be able to navigate your website easily. Keep in mind that you will want to include a contact us, about us, and a privacy page as well as a sitemap for starters.

When building a website there will always be one more feature that you would like to include. It's a good idea to make a list of all the features you would like have down the road and determine how many you can incorporate immediately. A few extra things you may want will include video, RSS feeds, site search, newsletter signup, etc.

Next think about the content you will include on your website. How many pages will you create initially? You will generally want one page for each different topic or subject to make your website well organized and easy to navigate. Your website will also be easier to update if it is well organized.

A website that is easy to navigate will be more popular among your visitors. Keep your visitors in mind the entire time you are planning your website as they are your end user. A visitor who finds what they are looking for is more likely to make a purchase or frequent your website often.

Now that you have your content and general layout in mind it's time to think about how you will present the information. How many images will you include to draw attention? What type of template or color scheme will you use? Some people like to start with their template first and go from there - it's really up to you.

The purpose of your website may also play a role in determining what type of template or color scheme to use. If you website is light on content but fun and flashy you probably want a template that portrays that. On the other hand a content site that is very businesslike will want to stay away from fun and flashy and stick to a professional image.

There are many ways to go about planning your website. By starting with the basics and keeping the end user in mind you will be on your way to making an organized well thought-out website. Keep in mind fun and flashy may look cool; however it can get old real fast to your visitors.
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