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Magnetic Sponsoring: MLM Lead Generation Scam?

Jun 6, 2008
In this Magnetic Sponsoring review we are going to give you a good understanding of what really is this information product. Is the Magnetic Sponsoring book going to fill your expectations or is it just another usual information product, with nothing really new offered to its readers? Honestly, I didn't know what to expect the first time I came across it. I didn't want to spend more money on mlm lead programs. Having done it many times in the past with no actual results to show, made me think about it.

What I noticed about this book was this: is not like any other MLM lead generation informational product. The author, Mike Dillard, doesn't fall for the usual methods you would usually expect on this type of subject. What I mean by this is that he just doesn't throw you a book full of difficult techniques that at the end delivers no actual valuable information on generating MLM leads for yourself. To have results, you need to ask yourself this: what should I do to become successful on generating leads in this network marketing industry? Just like in any other industry, you need commitment, wit, dedication, and a few other important things.

There are many ebooks out there and a few physical mlm lead generation books you can acquire, but actually they just tell us the same old thing. Do you need more of those? I think we all want to see something different. Now, back to the first question: What is then so new about this MLM Magnetic Sponsoring book and is it really worth its purchase? Can we find some uncommon but proven methods to apply here? Are we going to have some mlm lead success with these techniques?

If we are talking about some new techniques, I can say yes and no to all these questions. The book doesn't come up with some tricks and methods we don't know about. The important thing here is that it makes you see them from a new angle . What you can be sure of, is that the way in which you will be implementing and using this seemingly under-used techniques, is something revolutionary.

The book throws new light on some very good MLM lead generation techniques that you probably didn't know about. You can find all of that here. In a well structured form, you will be able to implement them in your mlm lead generation business.

The book is made of 10 easy to understand chapters designed to definitely change how you work your mlm lead marketing generation. Just knowing that the author is a well established figure, and does what he says, plus the fact that he offers high quality knowledge in every part of this book, makes it a guarantee. To tell you the truth, there was only one thing I wasn't too satisfied: the book doesn't come in an eBook format, for instant download. In spite of this, Mike Dillard has already sold a very large number of copies. It looks like some people prefer a hard copy anyway, that way they save themselves a lot of time and money printing it at the nearest Kinko's.

Now, one thing is for sure: with this book, expect doing a lot of highlighting on lots of concepts. And one more thing before I leave you: you'll have to read it many times until you can implement all the techniques with ease and no hesitation.
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